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The Super Bore

Political junkies always stock up on nachos for the Presidential debates, but like the Super Bowl, the actual event is usually far less exciting than the build-up.

The 2012 debates, commencing October 3rd, promise to be as thrilling as any old fashioned snooze-fest Super Bowl game.  The contestants themselves are not promising:  President Obama’s reputation for oratory emanates from some other universe, not the one we live in (the universe called 2004, when he really dazzled at the DNC).   His boring blur of professorial and phony front porch, droppin’ his g’s and all, is a sleeping potion.

For proof positive, contrast the President’s 2012 convention speech with that of The Big Dog, the “explainer in chief.”  That was a speech, and that guy could debate.

Mr. Romney’s problem runs deeper than just being boring.  The only honest words he can say are “I love my family.”  Anything else that is true will repulse his well-named “base” or send an electrical shock through any independents still undecided about him.  His speech style has descended into a weird cognitive dissonance, an irritating noise like a screen door banging in the breeze.  “Will someone close that door puhleeeze?!”


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This entry was posted on October 2, 2012 by in The U.S.A., US Election 2012.
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