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And by gumbo, I got some hatred

Earlier today I posted my blog entry “I Welcome Their Hatred” on the DailyKos, a website devoted to liberal causes in the USA.   To make sure the message got across, I entitled it “Obama and the Liberal Failure.”

Within minutes (honest, minutes) a slow leak of reaction turned into a flood, most of it poisonous. I learned that one cannot use the word “noose” within 5 column inches of the word “Obama” without being a racist (ouch, that hurt – and I actually changed the piece here and on Kos, out of respect for the polite advice I received about it).  I ended up writing another piece there, telling them all to calm down.  They didn’t.

I learned that remarking on the deflating balloon of Democratic support was equivalent to celebrating that, when of course, it was exactly the opposite of doing so.  One wag referred to me as a B-level William F. Buckley wannabe, which is flattering, witty and painfully close to the truth.   Stalinists on the website decided to have me drummed out, and I may yet be voted off the shrinking island of Kos, by whoever decides these things.

The whole experience reveals how naive one can be, about the capacity of people to be fair and rational, in the face of unwelcome facts.   Also, it is evident that in seeking an audience, one should not be surprised (or complain too loudly) when most of them are carrying tomatoes.  Better fresh fruit and vegetables, I guess, than rocks.



3 comments on “And by gumbo, I got some hatred

  1. Trevlac
    October 15, 2012

    We in Canada generally don’t appreciate either the extremes or the virulance of American poliical opinion (well I guess you do, now…LOL!!).

    You were pretty hard on his Obamaness, which would seem to be a dangerous hornet’s nest to poke at. But the right wing ones have bigger stingers.



  2. anon
    October 15, 2012

    About two years ago on DailyKos, I don’t know if it’s still like this today, but back then people said that Obama has no balls a lot. Obamabots hated hearing that, so eventually they decided that that is a reference to the history of Black men having their balls chopped off, and therefore racist.

    Eventually I left DailyKos after realizing that the problem isn’t the DailyKos crowd, the problem is today’s Left itself. Just as the Right spent the Aughts ruled by neoconservative zombies, the Left has turned into politically correct zombies. And ironically, the stifling censoriousness is a big reason Obama’s reelection prospects seem weak now. It appears that the campaign actually believed their own propaganda about Romney, and underestimated him.


  3. Don Midwest
    October 15, 2012

    Yea. The Obamabots rule the system at dailykos.

    Many excellent voices have been driven off the site.

    Not sure how many of these folks are paid by the Obama campaign, or are they just true believers.

    They sure have an exciting time shutting down free speech.


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