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Mr. Smith goes to Bloggington

In the 30 hours since linking this blog to something called “the DailyKos” I have (a) had hundreds of people read this page – welcome! and (b) been verbally lynched – yes I’m using that word, PoliticalCorrectnessRobots, just to upset you and (c) now had my “privileges” at DailyKos frozen, pending who knows what decision. 

The sad irony is that all this resulted from a piece complaining how the Democratic Party (including the administration) haven’t done enough to champion the President’s achievements, or to educate the public on the real merits of liberalism, as opposed to the fantasy facts broadcast by the Fox News Party.   For this, I was tarred and feathered and called a Republican (not a nice word on Kos).  My reference to Mr. Romney as a “mercenary, dishonest shape-shifting mountebank”  which I thought both poetic and accurate, was presumably camouflage for my true purpose, of…..oh hell, who knows what they think my true purpose was…. to change them into Tea Partiers?  God, the dumbness!

The internet is a weird place, and becoming a participant instead of a spectator is a learning experience. Call me Jefferson Smith, a rube from hicksville who wandered into a hallowed chamber of leftist politics, not knowing what was about to land on me.  I guess this just another lost cause, Mr. Payne.

Anyway, I took down my posts on the site. Why?  Two reasons: (1) it’s their playpen, and if what I said is unwelcome, I have neither a right nor a need to say it there, and (2) who needs the hate mail?  Not me.  I’ve asked the nice people running DailyKos to either permit me to speak (if I dare) or to just shut down my page and make me an unperson.  Let’s see what they do.


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