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“crazy, crazy for feelin’ so blue…”

A friend has taken a look at the polls and is stunned to find that Mr. Romney stands a real chance of getting elected.  “It’s crazy” he says.   And I wrote back to him:

I actually don’t think it is crazy.  This is why:

 1     Obama did fantastic things early to rescue the economy from oblivion.  He succeeded.  Then he didn’t talk about it, at all.   So many people just don’t know the good he did. People have a hard time measuring “problems avoided”.

 2     The GOP decided early to be totally obstructionist. But Obama indulged himself in his fantasy of bipartisanship, not realizing that for bullies, reasonableness is always interpreted as weakness.  And in fact, reasonableness is weakness, against bullies.

 3     Obama spent all his capital on health care.  He got it, and then once again, utterly failed to sell it to the public.  Instead, the Republicans re-branded it as socialism, and it stuck. 

 4     In 2010, GOP totally out-politicked the Democrats, seizing the House with a faction of totally unreasonable nutball right wing loons, who live in a fantasy world and won’t agree to anything. 

 5     Gridlock since January 2011, courtesy of a President in denial and a Congress in paralysis.   Now the Republicans come along and say “Washington is broken, Romney can fix it”

 6     Meanwhile, the economy is way better but still wobbly.  Again, the poor politicians on the Dem side haven’t handled the messaging on this well, while the Republicans can just prattle on about how they will create more jobs. 

 The President is the problem: he is a lousy politician.  Frankly, if I didn’t think Romney was a total soulless creep, married to a gang of woman-hating millionaire-worshipping jackals, I might consider voting for him too.

But I must note, I couldn’t really vote for Mitt.  Newt maybe – I loved those moon colonies of his.



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This entry was posted on October 24, 2012 by in The U.S.A., US Election 2012.
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