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What Romney has to take, what Obama has to keep

In 2008, Barack Obama won 353 Electoral College votes (EVs).   He can lose 83 of them, and still pull out a win with 270 EVs.

Put another way, McCain won 185 EVs for the GOP in 2008.   Romney needs all of them, plus another 65.

So what are their chances?

  • States Obama will likely lose:    North Carolina (15) and Indiana (11) are gone.  That takes him to 327.
  • States Obama may lose:   At present, Florida (29) and Virginia (13) are clearly at risk.   That puts Obama at 285.
  • From there, he can lose Colorado (9) and New Hampshire (4) and still win with 271 EVs.

Here’s what we look for on election night:

  1. If Obama wins Florida and Virginia early, that’s the ballgame.  There’s almost no way Romney can make up the ground , even by taking  the rest of the swing states.
  2. If Romney pulls off a shocking upset in one early state, say Pennsylvania, that’s probably the ballgame – he wins.
  3. If Florida goes for Obama, then the only way Romney can win is if he takes North Carolina, Indiana, Virginia, Colorado, New Hampshire and either Ohio or Wisconsin + Iowa.  
  4. In all probability, the decision will rest exactly where the experts think it will:  Ohio.

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