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The fault, dear Brutus…

Peggy Noonan, whom I always read and often agree with, planted a really ungenerous piece in the Wall Street Journal today about President Obama.  Yes, the President is a disappointment in many ways.  But lord oh lord, how quickly people forget what he faced and what he accomplished, however imperfectly, and in the teeth of rabid unpatriotic opposition.   I posted this comment on the Journal, in response to Ms. Noonan’s column:

A man falls asleep while smoking and sets his house alight.  Arriving at the scene, a fireman runs in and carries out each member of the family.  Then he goes inside to save the cat.  Returning with the pet, he is greeted by an angry home-owner:  “To hell with you!” cries the home-owner – “You didn’t save my flat-screen TV!”

President Obama is the fireman in this parable; too many Americans are the home owner. 

Yes, the Preisident seems to be a fallen star.  But Peggy Noonan used to know something, which she seems to have let slip from her grasp:  the fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves.

Does doing the best you can, within your limitations and in the face of ferocious, ridiculous obstruction, earn a man a second term as President of the United States?  Let’s hope so.


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