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Forget about this election, what about 2016?

My friend Robert, a forward-looking guy, is already worried about who the Democrats will nominate in 2016.

Now he should remember that, if President Obama loses this Tuesday, he can try again next time.  So can Romney, if he loses this week.

But watch for pigs flying at the convention which re-nominates either of them.

More likely, candidates will emerge from lists like these:


If they face President Romney, the Dems may be in Mondale Country – pretty grim.   Biden is a better bet then, because others will shy away.  If they’re coming off the final four (and hopefully better) Obama years, they’ll have more aspirants.

Hillary Clinton – it doesn’t matter what she says now, she will still be a front-runner

Andrew Cuomo – perhaps their best potential President, he got some good media last week during the storm

Joe Biden – he’s their John McCain now, he will run for sure

Cory Booker – yup, the Mayor of Newark.  The guy is a rock star

Deval Patrick – yup, the Governor of Massachusetts.

Martin O’Malley – the Governor of Maryland is already running for President in 2016


Having blown their best chance in 2012, what happens to the GOP?  Does it tear itself to pieces?  Does its moderate wing re-emerge?  Does it slither off into the farthest reaches of the Right Wing Bog? 

Paul Ryan – inevitably, the losing Veep candidate takes a run at the top job.  He’s pleasant, in a wolf-hound kind of way

Chris Christie – the most talented, but unreliable, Republican.  He probably hurt himself with the Obama Bromance after last week’s storm.  Not a team player, but voters love him

Condoleeza Rice – it depends on whether moderates forgive her Bush White House years, and whether right-wingers forgive her moderation on social issues.   But very strong in a general election

Marco Rubio – he’s the GOP Obama, the telegenic ethnically-interesting star.   It would be a shock if he didn’t run for it

Michael Bloomberg – he won’t, but don’t you wish he could?

Rick Santorum – he will, but don’t you wish he wouldn’t?




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