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the third culture cat

In Ohio on Friday, President Obama said something to the effect that he doesn’t care who you vote for – Democrats, Republicans, Independents – so long as they’re prepared to work with him on issues.

This sounded genuine, and it reflects the ultimate problem most Americans have with the President:  they don’t “get” him, because he’s not a member of their pack.  Or as this article puts it, he doesn’t fit into any “tribe” because he’s a “third culture kid” – an import, learning his way around but not really belonging:…

Such characteristics can be a great strength, but they do not make for a great traditional partisan politician.  He irritates his allies and his enemies.  And as a true introvert, President Obama does not seem to enjoy the stupider aspects of his job.  Hence his revival during Superstorm Sandy – not because he “looked” Presidential, but because he was Presidential.  Contrary to GOP guff, Obama would rather do the job, than run for it.

It seems eerily true to me that Mitt Romney is a dog, eager to wear a leash and go wherever he can get his tummy rubbed and his bowl filled, while Barack Obama is a cat – quiet, haughty, a loner:…

The difficulty of this demeanor is that a relatively small number of people understand it. They may admire the Cool Cat, but they can’t love him.  

Let’s hope they don’t fall for the Stupid Pet Tricks, over in the corner there.  


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