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Time to Predict

O   303  

R   235

Either the polls are accurate, or they’re not.

I see three scenarios – Obama finishes strong, Obama finishes shaky, or Obama is finished.

I think he finishes strong, and wins all of the swing states except Florida and North Carolina.

1.   Based on the numbers, the Way it Should Go in the swing states….

Obama:   NH, Virginia, Ohio, Colorado, Nevada, Iowa      303 Electoral Votes

Romney: Florida, North Carolina, Indiana          235  Electoral Votes

2.  If there is mild “Ro-mentum” at work,  Mitt takes NH and Virginia,    

Obama   286

Romney 252

3.  If there is Real Ro-mentum, the Way it Could Go…

Romney gets NH, Virginia, Ohio and Iowa, in which case it is

Romney 272

 Obama   266


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This entry was posted on November 5, 2012 by in The U.S.A., US Election 2012.
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