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Election Night Live Blog

4:55pm EST. All CNN can talk about is chaos at various polling sites, and they love that video of the guy voting for Obama, which gets counted for Romney.

So far BHO leads: Dixville Notch voted at midnight, counted and was tied 5-5. Hart’s Landing went 23-9 for the President, so he’s up 28-14 so far.

6pm EST and the first exit polls – 73 percent of the electorate is white – DOWN from 2008 -a huge fact, if true, in Obama’s favour

724pm and Obama is behind where he stood in Kentucky in 2008

On the other hand, dapper John King reports that 59% of Ohio voters support the auto bailout (730pm) and they won’t call North Carolina yet, which has split 49-49 so far in the exit polls

But in Indiana Mourdock (the guy who thinks God approves of rape) is competitive at 740pm and Mitt is strong in Virginia

The issue in Virginia seems to be long lines an hour after official closing and unreported precincts

Here’s what is surprising: the states that weren’t called for Romney as the polls closed at 8pm. Georgia isn’t going for Obama so why not call it?

8pm and CNN is calling blue states for the President and Oklahoma for Mitt. Yawn

Slow counts in Virginia and South Florida hold the Obama vote down in those states.

10:15pm EST and you know with the exit polls and actual votes counted the networks could fairly call the race but after 2000 and 2004 they’re scared to death to do it

CNN projects Obama at 11:17pm EST. Everyone else knew two hours ago

12:25am Wednesday and no Romney concession yet. Even FOX is disgusted with him

12:26am Mitt is 335 votes ahead out of 99 million. It won’t last


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