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A leader in name only?

My theory about the Liberal leadership has been that Canadians, in the main, will not take Justin Trudeau seriously. This week’s IPSOS poll bears this out, finding that 73% of Canadians – including two thirds of Liberals – agree that if he… weren’t Pierre Trudeau’s son, “nobody would be interested in his political views and he wouldn’t be seriously considered for the leadership of the Liberal party.”

However, Trudeau still enjoys a slight lead in popularity compared to Harper. So is the Liberal Party right in choosing a leader whom three quarters of the population think is unqualified? I think these numbers tell us a great deal more about boredom and dis-satisfaction with the Harper Government, than they do about Justin Trudeau’s popularity. They also tell us that people are still prepared to vote Liberal. How many would do so, I wonder, if they saw a leader who they actually thought was qualified?


One comment on “A leader in name only?

  1. Bill Calvert
    April 9, 2013

    In fact, the poll results put the lie to the idea (to which the Libs are clinging desperately) that voters will cast their votes based on the relative popularity of party leaders. Mr. Harper may not be likable, but the fact remains that he heads a majority government. Why? Because a significant portion of the electorate likes his policies. Mr. Mulcair might not be top of the guest list for a casual Friday beer night, but his positions on issues are clear, and so he has a dependable constituency. Your question is misdirected; the only important query is, “How many people would be prepared to vote Liberal if they knew what Mr. Trudeau stood for, and against.”


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