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wait a minute baby, stay with me a while… ten inventions desperately needed by humanity

car wash bank and gladstone


While waiting in the car wash line up, I wonder: why haven’t they invented these things yet?

1.  A robot arm gas pump. A robot builds it. A robot washes it. Seriously, why do I still have to get out of the car?

2.  Pre-made grilled cheese sandwiches. They wouldn’t even need real cheese.

3.  Running shoes that massage your arches while you run. And maybe a knee brace with a heater in it.

4.  A lamp like sunshine. Way overdue. Current imitators inadequate

5.  A wallet or purse with a screen. Actually you have to wonder why they don’t just put a screen on everything.  Okay, a pumpkin with a screen on it.

6.   On that topic, Google contact lenses. Solves the whole “creeping people out” problem with the glasses.

7.   Fridges that cook. Like, duh?

8.   An App that says “you’re going to regret this” in time to stop you from putting your hand around a wine glass. Where was this when I needed it Saturday at Moira’s?

9.   Asphalt that’s more resilient than a wedding dress.

10. A radio station that knows Fleetwood Mac recorded something other than “Rhiannon.”   Even a song about a different girl would be okay:


Sent from my iPhone, which itself is a pretty cool invention.

“you’re the poem in my heart…”


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