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Good day, it’s May 20, 2014

parliament hill

May 20, 2014

It is a lovely spring morning in this part of Canada.

Meanwhile, the army has declared martial law in Thailand – but all the big shopping malls are open in Bangkok.   People are posting selfies with smiling soldiers.  Traffic apparently is moving pretty well through town. It’s a funny country.

You’ve been busy out there this morning. The WordPress statistical report shares few details about who reads the blog, but I can tell this morning that a small number of people have been reading a lot of entries, going back months.  It’s possible that one person alone may have gone through ten or more items.  Gee, I hope you liked at least one of them.

So “welcome” or “welcome back” to whoever you may be.  Remember you can leave comments here on the blog site or you can write to if you want to communicate privately.

A neglected tune for the morning, from a weaker entry in the canon of American rom-coms, “One Fine Day.”   The song is actually quite sweet.  Have a good day



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