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Gems for July

here’s Ages and Ages doing “Divisionary (Do the Right Thing)”


Hospitality’s “I Miss Your Bones” is a great song, a lovely story and features kids who look like actual human kids. Click on the NPR link below the picture.


This is an old song, with a video that just shows you the lyrics.  But Don Henley‘s words are worth hearing and reading.  He’s been trying to get down to heart of the matter, and he thinks it’s about forgiveness. And he’s right.  I once heard this record on a Christian radio station, where the host asked “how can a non-Christian know this, when so many Christians don’t?”


Finally, from long ago and just because I love it (and not for the first time) Billy Wilder’s “The Apartment” . It had  the most romantic ending to a movie ever.  Happy New Year – shut up and deal!


With thanks to NPR, proof that public broadcasting can spin creative magic out of very little straw.   Here’s the Music Department:


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