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Haiku for the airline jerks at Pearson

It is all shining
glassy and dumb as old stones
no one leaves footprints

The expectant fold
their hands in their laps and wait
for the sign to move

All the bags on wheels
roll hard and fast, bent forward
like coolies in rain

Look downwards, old souls
find a friend in your fingers
stare till you know her

Helpful machines slow
you, before you find the line
stopped still as the dead

Look up, I wonder
who wipes the light bulbs and who
do the sprinklers wet?

Fast feet flip flop, eyes
fixed upon the next stream to ford
Faces blank as windows

Eyeglassed guardians
in navy pants and badges keep
you safe for routine

Dread unspoken grows
’cause nobody knows what the next
box cutters will be

Airline people in small
lives, swelling up like blowfish
poison you with rules

Smile and remember
You’re going someplace tonight
and those fuckers aren’t


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This entry was posted on July 12, 2014 by in haiku too.
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