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3 minutes 24 seconds of friendship

Hurting for You


Todd Rundgren’s Hermit of Mink Hollow is a neglected, ethereal thing of beauty.  Almost any track on it deserves three minutes of your life, but “Hurting for You” is a sweet one:  it captures his gentleness, his adult thoughtfulness, the wistful “romantic realism” that captures the heart and mind.

The song is all empathy – he’s “hurting for you” after all.  One imagines a friend, wrapping an arm around your shoulder and offering sage advice:

Hurting for you, finished before it started
It’s the only thing left to do
‘Cause the last of the broken-hearted is hurting for you

Day to day, that’s how you should learn to live your life, day to day
Put aside those dreams that keep hurting for you
Don’t let the pain remind you, there is nothing else you can do
Better not ever let the day find you

I’ve said as much to friends before, and they’ve said it to me.  It’s what friends do, I guess.

here’s another, “Too Far Gone” –  with Todd performing alone at the piano in front of a TV studio audience

“weren’t you going to show us some new kind of dancer?”


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