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what is won and what is lost

man walking away


A man is walking down the street on a breezy afternoon.  The trees sway.

He has his iPhone in hand, checking the winning lottery numbers.  No luck.

Suddenly ahead, he sees something on the ground.  He approaches, bends to look and squinting can see.

It’s a lottery ticket.

Reading the numbers slowly, one after the other, he sees…

It’s the winning lottery ticket

Trembling, he stretches out his hand to grab it and then

the wind blows up, catches the ticket and carries it off down the street

His heart pounding, he straightens up and chases after it.  Block after block he runs, as the wind sweeps the ticket farther and farther away.

The wind dies down, the ticket sits on the ground, he approaches and then

A new gust blows in and carries the ticket up, through the open window of a house

He sees through the pane of glass another man, who looking down at his dining table sees the ticket

And the man on the street stares, sick with grief, at what he has lost

As darkness falls he wanders, in a daze, towards home

A friend greets him under a streetlight and the man recounts what has happened

“I’ve lost everything” the man says. “It’s gone and I’m never getting it back.”

And the friend gazes at him sympathetically and tells him, “You know, you haven’t lost a thing.”

“It was right there…” says the man, despairing.

“But how could you have lost it” asks the friend, “when it was never yours?”



2 comments on “what is won and what is lost

  1. John Bailey
    December 14, 2015

    I like the photo of the man walking away. Is that a stock photo?


    • dkl
      December 14, 2015

      I found it somewhere, a long time ago. Sorry that I can’t tell you where (and of course, slightly sheepish about using it in retrospect – it was perfect for the piece).
      thanks for writing


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