Think Anew, Act Anew

observations and opinion

a horse before an earthquake


who was I then? the
twisting rooster on a roof
pointing to true north?
 or a horse before
an earthquake, or the turn of
the wheel to seven
or a witness to
angels, whose testimony
is politely shunned?
lonely is the soul
who says what he has seen and
lonely too, his truth
falling, swirling like
snowflakes, fleetingly upon
the lips and lashes
so I deny my eyes
have ever seen the coast of
heaven, or any
part of you. don’t feel
cheated that the simple words
you should have heard went
unspoken. Would you
believe me if I said that
it was never so?
believe ’cause it’s true
as desktops are just atoms
dancing in disguise
and I am just a
horse before an earthquake, a
rooster on a roof



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This entry was posted on February 20, 2015 by in haiku too, it's only words.
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