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Assassins of Time

The destruction by Islamic State of artifacts or, as had been reported today,the temple at Palmyra, is a crime against humanity. 

No, destroying objects is not equalivalent to the murder of human beings. Objects have no souls, no lives, no parents or children to grieve them. 

But ancient objects are, in a sense, the children of all humanity. They are what we have made, nurtured, protected and cherished. They are parts of our souls and their destruction is a wound to the collective life of humanity. An insult to the people of the past and a theft from the future.

Will the current iteration of humanity stop this? It is unclear what level of depraved violence the mad thugs of Islamic State will have to unleash to draw an appropriate and righteous response from the world. 

Like monstrous toddlers with swords, the Islamic State men keep testing us, desperate for our attention. Until they get it – really get it – one suspects they’ll keep testing. 

God help the people captive to ISIS. God forgive those who shrug it off as just another faraway conflict. 


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This entry was posted on August 23, 2015 by in The Middle East, The Old World, The War for Civilization.
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