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Wedding on a Long, Hot Weekend

People get married every day, especially summer days. This long weekend – hot and sultry across much of the country – likely saw any number of weddings. One of them included a young couple I know, a couple who have tenaciously hung together despite long career-driven distances and absences. Having found a way to live in the same town (out west), they held a wedding way out east.

My friends remind me of the admirable strength of the bond forged by committed couples and of the optimism brought to new ventures. It doesn’t seem quite right to wish them “luck”, more right to say “keep doing what you’re doing.” It is forgetting the optimism of the new which frays the necessary bonds.

“Keep thinking today is the beginning”, I might tell them – “because it is. What it’s the beginning of, is up to you.”

Here’s what one writer had to say (in part) to the one he married.
wendell berry country of marriage


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