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Don’t bet against Harper. Yet.

FB on Harper getting reelected
The Tories are either at the brink of an Iggy-like collapse, or are laying in the hammock at the mid-point of the campaign. More likely the latter. Their core support is too solid, too loyal and too large for the Conservative Party to fold or fragment.
They may have the least amount of room to grow, but they’ve got the most reliable voters. And reliable voters, vote. Unless you see the Liberals or NDP mount an Obama-like turnout movement, the “only poll that counts” – Election Day – is still the only poll that counts.
Not being a huge fan of the Harper Government, these facts don’t thrill me. But as someone wise once said, we don’t get to choose our own facts. SO:  be sad, be glad, just don’t bet a lot of money on the other guys. Not yet.
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Note to readers:  this item is the 200th post on Think Anew, Act Anew.  This blog has been read over 36,000 times in three years, with a readership from almost every nation on the planet. It is an awesome and amazing thing.

Thank you, readers, for rewarding my work with the most precious thing you’ve got: your time.  Here’s a small gift back.


2 comments on “Don’t bet against Harper. Yet.

  1. sandra mercer
    September 9, 2015

    Interesting. Makes me hopeful. A Canada with the NDP in power is so scary.


    • dkl
      September 9, 2015

      Read my Trudeau piece today. He’s a lot scarier than the NDP


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