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The Eyes Have It

niqab woman

one man smothers you
with old rags, another rips
them away. both men
find you most useful.
thank you for being the wall we
spray with our slogans
one man says he owns
you and no one other than
he can see you smile
the other man binds
you in puppet strings, a doll
in a fearful dance
watchful sister, what’s
hidden must remain unseen
lost inside your head
is there a grimace
or a grin behind the veil
known only to you
are you mouthing the
words to Wrecking Ball, swinging
on a secret string
will your tongue jut out
when disagreeable words
spill from some fool’s mouth
how cunningly you
decorate the dungeon, how
slyly you eye us
I imagine your
lips, ripe as rubies, wet as
fingernail polish
ain’t that why you’re in
there, to make us dream? to make
us think you might be
worth the price some man
put upon your pretty head.
it is pretty, right?
you must be. do the
eyes have it? or is your scowl
the scratch on the paint
of a shiny new
model, that the dealer has
artfully disguised?
let the ritual
taking of offence begin
the outrage polka
yes, you have the right
to believe you have no right
to be seen, I know
and I have the right to
believe you don’t believe you
belong behind bars
you aren’t just wearing
the veil. you are the veil, the
cloak over our fears
the eyes have it

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This entry was posted on September 19, 2015 by in Canada, haiku too, Politics in Canada, The Rights of Women.
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