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Two years ago someone sent me a link to Eva Cassidy’s recording of “Fields of Gold.” I wrote about it then and re-published an excerpt last week, on the 19th anniversary of Ms. Cassidy’s passing.

The response to that re-publication has been very strong and quite affecting. Some examples are shown below.

Today, I wrote back to the person who first sent me the song, to remind them of the metaphor of how we might toss a stone in a pond, never knowing where the ripples will reach. This pebble has reached many a faraway shore.

This is the power you have, gentle reader. Not with a blog or a billboard or your own songs necessarily. Just with a few words, or gestures – kind or otherwise, a single act or omission, an invitation or an exclusion. You should never under-estimate the enormous, invisible reach of your deeds and words. Even among strangers, souls you will never meet.

Last week, some people had hard days, came home, read about a singer, heard her voice and saw their days transformed. What happened after that? Did they toss a stone into another pond? Who knows. That’s the beautiful mystery of it.


P.S.  I declined the marriage proposal. But it was awfully nice.

thank you wallace stevens

eva thank you 2

eva thank you i needed this eva thank you ultimate eva thank you 3 eva thank you 2 eva thank you 1







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