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Islamist and Republican Jihad in San Bernadino

san bernadino vigil

Just after Paris, I wrote that while not every man commits rape, most rapists are men. It is the special duty of men to recognize this violence as something they must work to stop.

Similarly, just as Germany had to admit it spawned Nazism, so too Islam must admit it has given birth to modern jihadism. Not every German was a Nazi, but Germany took responsibility for what some of its people did and works still – 70 years after – to prevent a recurrence. This is a reasonable expectation of Muslims today and tomorrow. It’s not fair but it’s reality. We cannot be in denial.

So too the United States must admit that it has spawned a blood soaked epidemic of gun violence, feeding personal and political and cultural terrorism. Not every American is guilty of it, but every American is responsible for fixing it.

The false pieties and empty prayers of cheap liars in expensive suits do nothing but bathe themselves in a slathering glow of phony sentiment.  Republicans (and some Democrats too) who kneel before the gun lobby like rent boys in an alley, have spawned evil in America. Shame be upon them and everyone who says #notinmyname about gun violence in the USA.

This, about our denial in the face of Islamist terrorism, is equally true of American denial about its gun disease:


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This entry was posted on December 4, 2015 by in Guns, The U.S.A., The War for Civilization.
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