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My Valentine

Love takes many shapes, comes in every size and complexion and kind

It is born, it lives, it dies, it rises again.

Love torments us, rewards us, remakes us, unmakes us.

On this strange ersatz holiday called Valentine’s Day, a walk through that dark forest called “love.”

Thank you for loving me, thank you for leaving…

Elvis Costello Allison

From Her Knight in Shining Armour

and then she kissed me


From Nelson Mandela and Pieces of the True Cross



From Ready to Take a Chance Again

i just wasn't ready to take a chance again


From the poem I Could Never Tell

one thing was certain


from Little Robots

beth march


From Once in a Lifetime, if You’re Lucky

i found myself 2


from Layla and Other Songs of True Heartbreak

the end of the world


from Wedding on a Long, Hot Weekend

keep thinking today is the beginning


from I’m not a smart man, but…

I'll be home


from In the very small shoes of Ellen Page

ellen page quote

from Our Last Lunch

the moon hangs like a scythe

from The Tiger Test

tiger test quote

from You Have the Very Best Kind of Cancer

now I can never be a brave person


From We are all on that Airplane

silent as snow


from What the Head Makes Cloudy, the Heart Makes Very Clear

a fools advice


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