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Pink, Blue and Lost in You

snowstorm ottawa feb 16 2016

The snowstorm lands upon us, like a large happy dog. All of the sky disappears in it, the streets too. You can see just what’s in front of you. Nothing far ahead, nothing back behind.

It’s a morning for boots and coffee. Cars inch forward, like rock climbers on a white faced cliff. A man pushes a shovel along the street – a soldier at his snowy post, on duty against inevitability. Shoulders hunch braced, scuttling towards doors.

This  morning,  quite by accident, the songs of some lost souls surfaced:

sandy denny

Sandy Denny, soul child and an orphan’s mother, done in by needles. Nick Drake, tragic moon-eyed boy, drowned in anti-depressants. Chet Baker the beautiful trumpeter, his prettiness broken up by drunken punches, too much booze and finally, heroin. And Jackson Frank, too wise to his own weakness, probably lived longer than he expected.

None of them made it to this morning. They had too much sidewalk behind them and couldn’t see ahead. You might want to look around in the storm today, to make sure someone you love doesn’t disappear.






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