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Soft Targets

Gulshan Park kids

Gulshan Park, Lahore Pakistan. Site of the March 27, 2016 attack


In the Taliban, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, ISIS war on civilization, their principal focus is ‘soft’ targets like parks, airports, transit, cafes, clubs – gathering places where people believe they are safe and at peace.

You can read about the Jihadists’ purposes and goals here: The War for Civilization.

If you believe you are safe, I hope you are right. Obviously, other people thought they were safe too.  This doesn’t mean we panic or stay home – quite the contrary. What it means, perhaps, is that we recognize that the enemy will not relent in its random savagery, until we have snuffed them out.

Here are what some of the recent soft targets looked like, when people believed they were safe:


KABUL July 23, 2016:  60 Shiites dead, if not more. ISIS takes credit.

MUNICH July 22, 2016: Nine innocents dead. An eyewitness – a Muslim woman – says the gunman yelled “Allahu Akbar” when shooting children in the McDonalds. Others say he was a German nationalist, albeit of Iranian descent. We shall see, maybe, what his motives were.

WURZBURG July 18, 2016: 14 train travelers injured by an ax-wielding Jihadist youth. A minor case, in terms of damage.

NICE:  July 14, 2016:  The Bastille day massacre of more than 80 innocents on the Promenade des Anglaise.  ISIS takes credit. French authorities say there as a large conspiracy behind the massacre.



June 28, 2016 Ataturk Airport, Istanbul Turkey

ataturk airport attack 28june2016

This is a sample of the larger attacks committed by Islamist jihadists in the period of April, May and June 2016 (so far):

April 8, Damascus Syria:  ISIS massacred 175 of 300 kidnapped cement workers.

April 9, Philippines: Aby Sayyaf kills 18, injures 52 soldiers with a bomb and firefight.

April 11, Jalalabad Afghanistan: 13 new Army recruits blown up by suicidal motorcyclist.

April 19, Kabul Afghanistan: 65 dead, over 300 injured in the bombing of a government building

April 21, Mosul Iraq: over 250 women murdered by ISIS because they refused to become sex slaves.

April 23, Baghdad: 45 frozen to death in a freezer by ISIS.

April 30, Baghdad: 38 pilgrims to a Shiite mosque blown up. By ISIS.

May 1, over 30 in Malawa Iraq, over 20 in Runirgod. Somalia. Blown up.

May 3, 38 dead in Beni, Republic of Congo.

May 11, suicide truck bombing in Baghdad killed over 60

May 11, some 45 men buried alive by ISIS in Ninevah, Syria

May 17, Baghdad: at least 100 blown up, perhaps 200 injured.

May 23, Aden Yemen, 45 army recruits killed by a suicide bomber.

May 23, Jableh and Tartus: separate suicide bombings killed 184 people, maybe more.

June 4, Boso Nigeria:  Boko Haram killed 32.

June 6, Mosul Iraq:  ISIS did a mass execution of 65 people.

June 12, Orlando Florida: 49 massacred in the Pulse night club.

June 14, Lake Chad, Cameroon: 52 fisherman murdered by Boko Haram.

June 16, Sirte Libya: ISIS killed 22 people.

June 22, Sirte and Garabuli, Libya:  two separate events over 80 killed.

June 27, Al Mukkalah Yemen: 43 people (maybe more) killed by ISIS.

Iskandariyah, Iraq: presenting football (soccer) trophies to kids, a moment before an ISIS suicide murdered blew himself up and killed 30 people (mostly youths) on March 27, 2016


Aden, Yemen nursing home established by Mother Teresa

aden nurses


Dikwa Camp, Nigeria. The predatory and monstrous Boko Haram has led to many people seeking refuge in camps. Life is hard, but it is life. This is Dikwa, where survivors of Boko Haram cluster to be safe. But they’re not – suicide bombers killed over 50 there in February 2016:

dikwa camp nigeria.jpg


Istanbul’s Istiklal Street

Istiklal Street Istanbul


In San Bernardino, California it was a public health department meeting. These are the soft targets who didn’t survive that meeting:

san bernardino victims


In Brussels, the airport:

brussels airport departure hall


Paris last November 13, here’s a photo of the crowd gathered that night for the show.




peters projection






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