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While the Republican Kremlin crumbles, the Democrats quarrel 

My brief and grouchy entry “Hillary Entitlement Syndrome” – describing the somewhat arrogant air of the Clinton campaign as it attempts to squash the Sanders movement – has triggered the most comment of anything​ political I’ve ever published. With one exception: “Fox Sits Shiva” from November 7, 2012.

Fox Sits Shiva was my description of watching Fox News, the night President Obama was re-elected. It was splendid to behold and fun to write about. Three and a half years later it remains my most popular piece on DailyKos.

Election Night 2012, and the aftermath, were happy times for Democrats. The 2016 Election is tremendously promising too, and not just because the Republicans are trying to choose between a fascist lout and a reptilian charlatan as their nominee.

The Republicans are in trouble, deep deep trouble. The Millenial generation doesn’t share the ugly biases that fed the Nixon-to-Rove coalition — the “values voter” has new values. The electorate, even the white male component, is deeply suspicious or outright contemptuous of Republican policy (why do you think Trump is so popular? It’s the economy. Seven out of ten Trump voters would probably go for Bernie, if they sat and listened to him. They’re Bernie’s secret weapon, actually, but I digress).

Only through aggressive anti-democratic tactics (Citizens United, a gerrymandered House and voter suppression) has the GOP kept a Congressional majority. Like the last days of the Brezhnev Kremlin, the Republicans hold onto their advantages with the white knuckled grip of a dead man. Even if they find a Gorbachev (Ryan? Kasich?) they can’t sell their inventory of bad policies.

It’s over for the Republicans as America once knew them. Their mouth-breather/country club coalition has fallen asunder.

The Democrats on the other hand, are divided between the most qualified candidate for President, ever — Hillary Clinton (who has the historical significance of also being female) or a true tribune of economic and social justice, Bernie Sanders (who has the historical significance of being an old Jewish guy). Either of them will likely clobber whoever the Republicans cough up as a nominee.

So non-Republican friends, be of good cheer, and remember that divisions among Democrats and progressives, sincerely torn between Hillary and Bernie, are what we like to call “a good problem to have.”



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