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The Old Country Doctor & the Snake Oil Salesman

Why did Sanders come so close, and Trump actually win?

Sanders is the old country doctor, Trump the slick purveyor of fake nutritional supplements and healing stones.

What they have in common is, they know people are sick.  Where they differ is, one wants to heal the patient while the other guy wants to steal the patient’s wallet and sleep with his daughter.

The miracle of 2016 is that an utterly honest man — Bernie Sanders — came so close to snatching the Democratic nomination from its heiress apparent. Secretary Clinton is eminently qualified to be President but if she “connected” with voters even a little, it would never have been as close as it is.

The nauseating shock of 2016 is not that a charlatan won the GOP nomination (that was a given) but that an anti free trade, hyper nationalist, faux-fascist non Republican won it. Trump stole it from the self-absorbed, indolent mass of Republican elites who, sucking the life out of America through a straw called Washington, had their eyes closed too long.

Sanders and Trump are surprising only to those who see voters, the way men used to see women: as useful objects or trained seals. The voters have indicated otherwise. The question now is, can Clinton and her team learn to think differently, before Dr. Quackamore steals America’s wallet, and its virtue?

Exploring the Trump and Sanders phenomena:

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