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The One Way War: a Grim Fairy Tale


For several years, the small southeast Asian country of Silicam has aggressively assaulted its neighbours. Its army has occupied several major cities beyond its borders, and much countryside. Where Silicam has invaded, it has been rapacious: thousands of civilians, mostly men, have been imprisoned or murdered. The women and girls have been pressed into forced labour – often sexual slavery. There are reliable stories of genocide. It is a horror show.

In recent months, the Silicamese occupation has been pushed back: victim countries have reclaimed some of the stolen land and now pick through the rubble of ancient temples and modern towns, all destroyed. Along the way, mass graves are commonly unearthed. The trend of this local war is encouraging for Silicam’s neighbours, who seem finally to have martialled their forces competently.

Unfortunately, the King of Silicam and his generals are not going quietly. Concurrent with their military adventures, they organized cells of expatriate Silicamese in various foreign countries. Angered by western support for their enemies, the Silicamese have activated these cells in a series of violent assaults on civilians in foreign cities. Hundreds have been killed in the last year alone.

In addition, the Silicamese don’t need to organize violent terrorism: they simply “inspire” it and take credit. Having declared war on the world, Silicam has called upon all Silicamese expatriates to rise up individually in rogue terror attacks. These calls have been heeded and we have seen dozens of “lone wolf” Silicamese in many countries go on small rampages – some with guns, or bombs, or just hammers or motor vehicles. Whether coordinated attacks or not, these actions are hoisted up the flag by the Silicam leadership as battlefield victories in its cause.

The reaction of the target countries has been, well, muted. They decry the violence and sink more tax money into security measures, but for the most part will neither return fire on Silicam nor even attribute the attacks to the Silicamese. We thus find ourselves in the peculiar situation where we face an enemy which gladly inspires, organizes and carries out mass murder in our midst, yet our governments refuse even to name the perpetrators.

What madness is this, you ask? Well it’s not all that simple. Western countries have many citizens of Silicamese descent. The vast majority of Silicamese people want nothing to do with the lunatic regime back in the old country. One can hardly blame them. And western states are loathe to point a finger at the Silicamese who are at war with us, for fear of unfairly painting all Silicamese with the same bloody brush.

In World War II, we saw what happens when an immigrant population – then the Japanese – are held accountable for the actions of their native land. The USA and Canada interred thousands of people, who were deemed disloyal to their new countries, simply on the basis of their ethnicity. It was grotesquely prejudiced and unfair, hard to justify even in the context of a global war. And so today, while tiny Silicam perpetrates repeated horrors upon other countries, the many expat Silicamese in those countries do not wish to be – and should not be – blamed.

The western political class, in North American and Europe, is thus frozen: it will not undertake a full throttle war on Silicam, it will not even say the name of Silicam – all for fear of blaming innocent Silicamese or offending the vast population of liberally minded people who would be offended by what might morph into a general anti-Silicamese policy.

This reluctance on the part of the political class is rooted in a profound distrust of the people. Political elites apparently believe that voters are incapable of distinguishing between people who come from Silicam, and the Silicamese army. The people are not to be trusted to make an obvious and necessary distinction. Instead, the people are to be quiet and on occasion, be killed. This is the way it is today.

This policy is a stunning but unsurprising act of contempt towards the populace. We are compared to dogs, unable to distinguish between the food in our bowls and the steaks on the dinner table. And so we are punished, by being starved of the truth and occasionally beaten.

We are not dogs. The people of the west are clearly completely able to distinguish between the rabid, evil regime running Silicam and the millions of Silicamese expatriates who have chosen to live somewhere other than Silicam. If you want evidence that a Silicamese person is attracted to the west and willing to adopt western values and ways, ASK ONE. Look where they flee to, and look who they flee from.

Yes a small minority of Silicamese expats are at war with the lands that give them shelter. And yes, a small and vocal minority of westerners is prepared to blame each and every Silicamese person; some would ban their entry; some would deport them; some would jail them. But not many, and there is absolutely zero evidence to suggest that the population of ANY western country is prepared to rise up and attack its Silicamese minority. The appetite for war between Silicamese and non-Silicamese is housed in the hearts of a relatively small minority on each side. The one way to expand that hatred, is to keep doing what we’re doing, to let the problem fester.

And we can do that. We can just let the Silicamese army and its agents kill us, occasionally, and we can be polite about it for fear of blaming the wrong Silicamese person.

Or we could do something else: we could go kill the King of Silicam and his henchmen, and his army. We can cut the head off the snake, and then chop the snake up. Is it possible for western countries to wage a brutal, effective, crushing war against Silicam – to stop not only its war upon us, but upon its neighbours? Yes. But instead of rolling across the landscape of Silicam with everything we’ve got – which would take NATO about a week to accomplish – the west stands mute, wrings its hands and moans on about “radical” violence.

Instead of firing guns, we are reduced to posting sincere hashtags remembering the many, many, many victims. And our governments stand, frozen in fear of offending people, unwilling to wage real war with and unwilling even to name the enemy. It is a staggering moral delinquency. It is a staggering failure of responsibility. And it is the main reason why, in country after country, mealy-mouthed but well intentioned governments are at risk of being tossed out in favour of loud, bombastic, angry, racist alternatives. Alternatives which, despite their manifest faults, at the very least are willing to point out that the goddamned Kingdom of Silicam keeps killing people.

What our middle of the road governments, parties and candidates must do – now, to save themselves, to reclaim their own legitimacy and to actually protect citizens from the war being waged upon us, is to organize and execute an immediate and fierce military force to destroy the Silicamese leadership AND its allies in other countries. That does not require us to blame or jail all the Silicamese immigrants – indeed, we should be enlisting them in the war effort, which if they are sincere in their protests against the Kingdom of Silicam, they would gladly join.

You see, there is a war going on. It is not far away – it is down the street. There is war, but we aren’t fighting it. And we cannot win it, if we don’t fight it. We can only lose it.

If we don’ t win the war with the Kingdom of Silicam, we will lose it. We are losing it already. We lose it by seeing nation states like the UK, break from the EU. We lose it by seeing great countries like the United States, swoon at the promises of fascist tyrants like Trump. We lose it by watching unhappy young men, act out their rage and disappointment in horrific displays of murder – like in Nice, Paris and not that long ago, New York City. We lose it every time we hose down a sidewalk, to wash away the blood and guts of murdered innocents.

Is that what we want? Is that the right liberal strategy? To LOSE? How deeply must we sink our heads in the sand, how often must we cry out “radical terror” before we finally acknowledge, yes it’s radical, but it’s radical Silicamese terror. A terror we can actually go and snuff out – right now – before it pushes us over the edge into defensive, nativist fascism.

That fascism was on TV this week, by the way. It has a big orange face. But it’s no joke anymore. It is here. “I am your voice” it says. And it could be.

There is a war going on. We are in it, but not at it. Only the enemy is “at war.” A war against us. Against you. Against your daughter, your son, your mother, your sister, your brother, your father. Against poetry readings and dance and happiness. Against reality. And we are behaving like collaborators in that war, by enabling it, by refusing even to name it.

Real progressives fight for progress. Real liberals defend liberty. And where they do not, the things we love, perish. One by one, they die or disappear.

There is a war being waged upon us. And the thing about war is, the only way not to lose it, is to win. Let’s go win it. All the good people people of Silicam will thank us, when we do.


2 comments on “The One Way War: a Grim Fairy Tale

  1. Gerry Bischoff
    July 23, 2016

    You make some valid arguments for rising up off our fat behinds and going to war against the Silcamese, but remember that we will also be going to war against the Russians, Chinese, and who knows what other countries including the Middle Eastern countries that have special interests in the region. It is not a simple task.
    We can go in there with our armies and equipment and end up playing a very expensive, deadly, and endless game of “Whack-A-Mole”. Been there, done that and still trying to do more of the same. John Lennon is spinning in his grave.


    • dkl
      July 23, 2016

      You’re right. It’s a problem. Peace!


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