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It’s a beautiful world, though

world war is over

On November 11, 1918 the news was pretty good.  But today – July 26, 2016 – the news from “the front” (which is everywhere now) is pretty awful.

But as Michelle Obama said last night at the Democratic National Convention, “America is already great.”  And so is the world. Not everywhere, every minute, for every person. But truly, great enough to save don’t you think?

So instead of grim topics or sending a message to the “Bernie or Bust” people (Sarah Silverman already nailed it), here are a few lovely things. Enjoy the, or just let them remind you of things that you love.

Charlie Chaplin, epic and poetic artist of silent film, spoke at the end of his savage satire on Hitler. These words cut through the fog and confusion we suffer in today. Click here to hear him.

In memory of Marni Nixon, who died yesterday, and who sang for Deborah Kerr (King and I) Audrey Hepburn (My Fair Lady) and Natalie Wood (West Side Story) among others, a favourite among her performances:

Sinatra singing Myrow & Gordon’s thrilling poem to love:

The place where I always feel best, our dock:

manitou sky august 2015

Judy Collins’ haunting rendition of Sondheim’s classic

Our new puppy. She’s a Bernedoodle, if you’re wondering.

Piper on the first weekend home

Janis Ian sings of her heartbreak, “leaving the light on the stairs” for the girl who will never come back:

Wise words on marriage, from the great Wendell Berry:

wendell berry country of marriage

Hang in there, friends.




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