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A short letter to Newt Gingrich 

The amusing and intense exchange between former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly ( highlights the deeply-set sexism of “men of a certain age” and perhaps, all men. Certainly Republican baby boomers who have milked the country for personal glory and gain, whilst changing wives like socks.

I like Gingrich – can’t help it – he’s loquacious, a decent thinker, a good writer and somehow deep inside, probably a good person. But his suggestion that having Bill Clinton as First Spouse would somehow poison the White House, is so silly and sexist, that it deserves rebuke. Polite rebuke. So he got it, in the form of a short note from me to him.

Newt and I aren’t friends, so I doubt highly that he will read or reply to my note. In the heat of an election campaign in particular, a guy like him – out there shilling for a candidate – can’t get into real discussion with many people. But it was worth writing him to point out the profound error of his professed argument.





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This entry was posted on October 26, 2016 by in US Election 2016.
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