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How One Word sums up Trumpworld

The are many words to describe Donald J. Trump. Many are accurate. I wish to add a new one to the list: poet.

Mr. Trump’s Twitter activities are legendary and incendiary, always self-serving and often inadvertently self-revealing. Like Haiku, only devoid of discipline or form, the Trumptwitter is like a tornado: a tremendous amount of hot air, descending in a reckless whirl, grabbing up innocent objects and hurling them around in a kind of giant toddler tantrum.

Yet on December 17, 2016 the President-elect outdid himself. In one short burst of syllables Mr. Trump did what only the poets can do: revealed naked truth, complicated, raw and utterly real, in a single word.

Well, when I say “word” I should really say “un-word” insofar as the five-syllable assembly of sounds Trump typed into his phone is not, actually, what we call a word in the English language. It is at best a neologism, at worst a form of illiteracy. But it is, undoubtedly, poetry.

And to be easy on ourselves, if not the author, let’s call it a word.

In that one word he summed up himself, his political philosophy, his campaign, his voters and, most likely, his impending Presidency:



Now, Trump was talking about something else at the time (that’s a different topic) but when did you ever, EVER see or hear someone display his true nature so well in one five syllable word?

If you’re a Trump supporter you might think it pedantic (that’s not an ocean, it’s a word) to get our vocabularies in a knot about the fact the President Elect cannot spell. It is, but in this unpresidented error, Mr. Trump has done something, ur, um, unpresidented. He has revealed everything about himself. The emperor, if you will excuse the unpleasant mental image here, has no clothes.

Mr. Trump and everything about him, is “unpresidented.” He has no regard for rules – grammatical or otherwise. He is shameless, plopping out a hilarious turd with no hesitation and just letting it hang there. He must also be scary, because while surrounded with advisers, no-one has dared tell him that “unpresidented” is the funniest damned mistake in the history of the English language.

Ungovernable, immodest and terrifying, Trump paints himself as an architect of ignorance, a Michelangelo of meanness. He is what I like to call “aggressively stupid” – uninformed, with bad instincts but unburdened by modesty: he trusts his gut, as they say, so doesn’t need to use his head so much.

Doesn’t that describe his voters too? Not just the trailer park dwellers whose self-pity found a champion in 2016, but the indifferent, uncaring, arrogantly comfortable working, middle and upper middle class white people who came out by the millions for a man they wouldn’t let walk their dog? What do you call Americans who so violently chose their personal comfort and bigotry over the national interest?

Republicans? Sure, that’s one thing to call them. But their behavior this November was definitely unpresidented.

Next up? The Unpresidented America, ruled by the Unpresident.  That, my friends, is double plus ungood.


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