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140 characters and no character at all




Ever wonder what The Donald has to say about other historical figures? Here are some samples.


Following Donald Trump’s tweet about John Lewis, a US Congressman who repeatedly risked his life to fight for civil rights (“he’s all talk, talk, talk”) it seemed helpful to look into the vault for other Trump tweets about famous figures.


Mother Teresa

Let’s face it, she was a hag. If she wore makeup, a 1 maybe.


Mahatma Gandhi

Did you see that diaper he wore? I wouldn’t let that guy work in the kitchen at Mara Lago. But I think his brother did.



Totally screwed up Pearl Harbor. Typical Democrat – he lied about being in a wheelchair – paralyzed. I call him Frozen Frankie



Smart dog, smart dog. But didn’t get royalties. If I had been Lassie, I would’ve made a better deal. With chew toys.



40 years in the desert, couldn’t find a spot for a golf course. Now Ramses, that was a smart guy.


Dalai Lama

Turned me down on a Trump Vodka endorsement. Stupid. People say he gets a lot of girls. I don’t know, I’m just saying.


Ivanka Trump

Gorgeous, a knockout. A 9 maybe. Like her mother, but without all the anger. None of the anger. Anger isn’t attractive.


George Washington

A lot of people don’t know but he owned slaves. A lot of slaves. A tremendous slave owner. Overpaid for them too. Not smart.


Sarah Palin

Women in politics are ugly, but not Sarah. She endorsed me early and I gave her nothing. Like getting laid on the first date.


Abraham Lincoln

He got shot. I prefer Presidents that didn’t get shot.


2 comments on “140 characters and no character at all

  1. Susanne
    January 15, 2017

    What would happen if news outlets stopped covering his tweets, stopped showing up to his so-called news conferences, stopped covering him – period? Just covered the real news instead of the smokescreen? Journalists and their employers need to start breaking some shiboleths around covering the president. The old model isn’t going to work with the Donald because the Donald isn’t following the rules.

    Liked by 1 person

    • dkl
      January 15, 2017

      I agree completely. I fear the co-opted establishment press lacks the courage and the skills.


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