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All that is proof




The night’s a snowy
Dream, a picture of darkness
Written by the light

Take all the black you
Can imagine, stretch it wide
Across the pearly sky

Press your fingertips
To paint the stars, press your mouth
Make the moon mirthful

Ten thousand fires might
Fall unto earth, the ground lit
In bright suffering

The world and heavens
Ignited blue, raging red
You are all I see

One cool soft stone, lit
By dying flame of failing
Sun, yet you are all

Pool of soft waters
Place where the wind becalms
As forgetful breeze

How are you become
Safe harbour, where restless hearts
Flee aching for ease?

What does it mean to
Find in blinding grief, that you,
You, are all I see?

All that is words piled
High in old books, covers worn
Thin from ceaseless touch

All that is proof that
The heart can break when it’s bent
A little too much

All that is lost in
The rush of one night dying
Into day born new

I am only me
And you are only you, but
Only a fool lets

The facts keep him from
Seeing what is true. For once,
Let us not be fools


3 comments on “All that is proof

  1. michael giunta
    January 24, 2017

    beautiful stuff. you inspire me.

    Liked by 1 person

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