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Twenty Eight Republicans



Donald Trump must be defeated as often as possible during the first two years of his term.  He must be removed from office, if possible, during those first two years.

Failing those two things, or in addition to them, the Democrats must organize to hold their current seats and win enough to take back the Senate and the House.


There are 241 Republican members of the House of Representatives. Including the Speaker, they have majority of 47.  Basic math tells us that to defeat them, while they are in the majority, two dozen GOP members must be turned.

There are 52 Republican members of the Senate.  When votes are tied 50-50, Vice President Pence can be counted upon to reliably vote for Trumpian measures. Thus, the GOP must be reduced to no more than 49 reliable Trumpists. That means persuading three Republican Senators to find their consciences.

Thus, to seriously wound Donald Trump’s Presidency in the first two years, the Democrats have got to find 28 Republicans:  24 in the Senate and 4 in the House.

Those 28 Republicans can take two forms:

  • those who can brought to a point of decency, in order to cooperate with the Democrats during the term;


  • those who can most easily be defeated in 2018.

I don’t need to know who the Democrats identify as targets for these two ventures.  They could be the same 28 Republicans (to woo and then to crush) or different ones, in which case we’re talking about more than 28 Republicans.

But I would like to know that the Democrats are actually thinking like this. And doing something about it.

Why?  Because Trump and Trumpism pose a real and present danger to the United States and other countries.




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This entry was posted on February 6, 2017 by in The U.S.A., Trump & Trumpism.
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