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Valentine to Canada


Opening Remarks at the Gowling WLG – BioTalent Canada presentation on Accessibility for the Disabled

February 14, 2017   – the Ottawa Office of Gowling WLG

Good morning and welcome.

Gowling WLG is glad to have you here this morning, and proud to partner with BioTalent Canada for this event.

Outside that window, many miles to the north and east, there is a lake. The lake is surrounded by cottages. One of them, is our cottage.

It is an old community north of Montreal. Several years ago, we held the 75th anniversary party for our community association.

It was a hot summer day – unlike today. (Don’t worry, summer will return some day). The whole community was gathered, to celebrate together.

I thought I knew everyone on the lake but in the crowd I met a couple I didn’t know.  They were new to me.

She was from South America, her husband from India.  We stood and talked awhile.

They had a successful business overseas but had decided to come to Canada. Naturally, we talked about why.

They came because Canada promised opportunity for their family. Because it is a good place to be. And Canada was a safe place, for them personally and to do business.

They came to Canada because they felt welcome here. It is a place where their hopes might come true.

When my parents came here, on a boat, all they brought with them were those kinds of hopes.

Some of you came here, with those hopes. Or your parents, or your grandparents came here, with those hopes.

This morning – February 14th 2017 – those hopes for Canada have never been more real. Or more pertinent.

Our hopes are welcome here.

This room is full of those hopes.  In this room are people who believe in science. In this room, we understand the rule of law.

In this room, we respect human dignity. We respect the right of each person to achieve her potential.

That is why you are here this morning.   And that is what this country is about.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


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