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Is that all there is?


“He waited his whole life to sing it, but his whole life failed to appear”


I have now spent
As much time in coffee shops
As my father spent

In taverns. Elbow
Propping up a heavy head
Morose but merry

Amazed but unsurprised
Sly witness to broken hearts
Spilling out too slow

People talk and fall
Silent, never daring to
Glance out at the world

In all of its sharp
Indifference, blind to
The wounded indoors

Where we drink and think
And know that nothing we do
Here, matters a damn

There was a jukebox
In every corner, lit up
With false promises

The song burst out, in
A room unready to answer
Is that all there is?

Is that all there is
To a fire? Melancholy
Is vain, mother scoffed

It’s blood itself, trapped
In sinew, her husband said
His true companions

Were the voices he
heard rising up in his head
Swelling his sad sails

Pushing him out, out
Into the cold raining street
For a moment, not

Adrift. Yes, there was
A jukebox in the corner
Of each dark room he

Took to hiding. Discs
Dropped, lights flashed, smoke rose up from
The glass squares of ash

Troubadours and thieves
All voices poured together
Like surf pounds the shore

He waited his whole
Life to sing it, but his whole
Life failed to appear




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