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The Violent Lie

If anyone went to Charlottesville looking to start a fight with the Nazis, fascists and other scum assembled last weekend, they were wrong to do so. If anyone provoked a Nazi, fascist or other such scum to violence, or initiated a fight, they were wrong to do so. Of course.

But why is President Trump -and why are WE – talking about “violence on both sides” on the day after the funeral for the woman mowed down by a Nazi terrorist?

Trump wants to deflect blame from the racist, fascist alt-right protesters whom he (a) agrees with on some issues and (b) cherishes as supporters. And he wants to avoid insulting those racist, fascist alt-right protesters who are his friends.  Thirdly, Trump wants to change the topic, from a discussion of the violent racism endemic to alt-right Confederacy cultism to… anything else.

Hence the deflection to the “violence” issue:  the antifa people were violent, we are told; violence is bad, we are told; if we don’t blame them for their actions, we are “condoning” or “trivializing” violence, we are told.

This is why the “violence on both sides” complaint from Trump and his friends, is total bullshit:

  • First, it’s not true. There is minimal evidence that the antifa people actually incited or committed much violence. Some, yes – some of it provoked, some not perhaps. But not much. By way of comparison, one of the Nazis rammed a crowd with his car in an attempt to massacre the antifa. And killed someone.
  • Second, fascists, Nazis and such types are inherently violent.  Their ideology is one of violence – they wish to exterminate other races, subordinate them, segregate them, and so on. Their ideas are inherently violent. They are advocating violence.
  • Third, the fascists and Nazis in Charlottesville put on a theatrical display of incitement: the Friday night rally with the torches, encircling a small band of helpless anti-fascists at the statute; the riot gear; the camo clothes; the weapons – including serious firearms, more powerful than the police are permitted to carry. All of it was intended to incite, intimidate and terrorize.
  • Fourth, the law of the United States actually permits some private violence. Self-defence, “stand your ground” and so on – these legal principles insulate people from criminal or civil liability for committing acts of violence.  Has anyone heard Trump or his people praise the antifa for “standing their ground”?  Um, no.
  • Fifth, private violence is actually sacred for Americans (for a loud minority, at least.) Every single Second Amendment advocate out there says that he/she needs their guns, in order to be able to “protect” themselves. By that they mean, shoot people, if they feel the need to do so. Shooting people, in case you haven’t seen it, is really pretty darned violent.

The United States permits people to defend themselves against attack, or the theft of their property, by use of physical force including the use of firearms. Nobody is more attached to those rights than the supporters of President Trump.

This is not a justification or condonation of violence. I think the “stand your ground” laws and the grotesque Second Amendment interpretations, are insane. I think physical violence, when not being perpetrated by lawful authority to protect civilians, is almost always wrong.

That’s what I think, but it sure as hell isn’t what Donald Trump thinks.

Trump has no problem with violence at all. He has admitted to committing sexual assault (remember?) And he has publicly urged people to attack his opponents, and applauded them for doing so.

Trump and his crowd love violence – if it is aimed at people they don’t care about, or don’t like. That’s why he is so tepid and robotic criticizing his Nazi friends, and that’s why he is so eager to blame the anti-fascists whom he hates.  He is a mind-boggling hypocrite.

And every time Trump or one of his people repeat the lie about “violence on both sides”, you can just play the tapes.


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  1. Tony Rein
    August 17, 2017



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