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The Trump Voter on Houston

In the beginning, I had some sympathy for the aggrieved working class, marginalized Americans who started the bandwagon for Donald Trump.

Some were on the bandwagon for Bernie Sanders, too, remember.

You can look back at some discussion of these voters and their peculiar choice of leadership here THE TRUMP VOTER.

The Houston flood has brought out some interesting comment from Trump supporters – some of them angry at their Dear Leader, for having ignored the trouble there a few hours too long on Twitter.

Imagine “Michele” of Twitterland, who could say on August 27, 2017 that up until today she had been his “huge supporter”, “constantly sticking up” for Donald J. Trump.  But that’s over, she’s “DONE” she says, because Donald didn’t tweet about the flood in Houston.

It’s all about Michele,  you see. It’s all about HER, and ONLY HER, and what SHE FEELS.  And so Michele cheerfully supported Donald through this (and more):

  • Trump questions Obama’s birthplace, in a stinking racist dog whistle campaign
  • At rallies, Trump urges his supporters to beat people up (“knock the crap out of ’em”)
  • Trump says an Hispanic judge cannot be fair, because of his race
  • Trump admits to committing sexual assault (“grab ’em by the pussy”) – and is proud of it
  • Trump begs the Russians to interfere in the election, by asking them to spy on the State Department
  • The Trump campaign meets with Russians, about that same idea (more to come on that, kids)
  • Trump fires the FBI Director investigating his collusion with the Russians
  • Trump says he would not have hired his Attorney General, if he had known Sessions wouldn’t interfere in the Russia investigation on his behalf
  • Falsely alleges voter fraud against him (presumably to draw attention from his own election misconduct)
  • Shared top secret Israeli intelligence with the Russians.
  • Put avowed white supremacists on the White House payroll (Bannon, Gorka).
  • The “travel ban” on innocent people from Muslim countries that don’t happen to have Trump hotels
  • Pulled America out of the Paris Accords on climate change.
  • A threat of nuclear war against North Korea
  • Siding with the Nazis at Charlottesville
  • Siding with the Nazis at Charlottesville a second time
  • Winking at the Nazis at Charlottesville, in his Arizona speech
  • Pardoning Joe Arpaio, a sheriff who bragged about running “concentration camps” for suspected illegal immigrants

Yes, Michele was fine with all that I guess – and who knows what else was okay with her.  But not tweeting about something that she’s touched by personally? That’s THE END, Donald.

As for “EducatedTrumpVoter”, well, his big fat racist turd of a tweet about the Houston rain floods was just too perfect a sample to omit.  Pronouncing oneself an “educated” Trump supporter is probably intended to stand out from the crowd of toothless mouthbreathers we so often associate with Der Furor. But buddy, all it does is embarrass whoever tried to “educate” you.

Not even Trump will be able to tame this beast. Democrats need to acknowledge its existence.


For the full suite of articles about TRUMP AND TRUMPISM.


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