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Hillary really did lose


And so did too many Democrats running for the House and Senate in 2016.

There is little doubt that many terrible things influenced the results of the election, but ultimately HRC and the Democrats lost, because they did not get the votes where they needed the votes, to win.

The majority of eligible voters stayed away.  A minority voted for Trump (many holding their nose) because they were persuaded that Hillary Clinton was not a trustworthy person legitimately interested in their concerns (or worse).  Democrats in states which were “reliably” Democratic, did not vote for their party’s nominee. Those are just facts.

The Democrats, whether they re-nominate Clinton in 2020 or not (especially if they re-nominate Clinton) need to figure out forensically, WHERE THOSE VOTES ARE AND HOW TO GET THEM.

Many things will happen between now and November 2020 but if the Democrats don’t do the necessary, hard, unpleasant work of self-scrutiny and change, immediately, Republicans will prevail.  Again.

hillary lost the election


6 comments on “Hillary really did lose

  1. Osyth
    August 30, 2017

    I agree with every. Single. Word. Which given my previous comments won’t surprise you an iota. Yes, it will be hard – facing your failings and collectively agreeing that things have to change is akin to a breaking marriage where each have to accept that they hold 50% of the cards and 50% of the responsibility and that the only way forward is to face that 50% deck that doesn’t look too pretty. Though it may be more societally acceptable than your partner’s deplorable 50%, nonetheless you have work to do on yourself and whatever your friends say about you not being to blame and being an all around saint and superstar, if you want to save the marriage you have to be brutally honest with yourself, face your faults and try to fix them. I sincerely hope The Democrats understand this. And it starts with a hard look in the gilded mirror and facing head on that entitlement breeds couch liberalism and that couch liberals have no clue about anything outside their entitled ken. I will be reading this excellent piece to my husband in very entitled Metro West Massachusetts later on and I know he will applaud loudly. Thank you.


    • dkl
      August 30, 2017

      Thank you, I appreciate that. I was savaged yesterday about this – called a misogynist egomaniac foreigner who should shut up, whose mother didn’t give him enough attention, etc. And was blocked by a couple of Clintonistas. It was as if I had hit a button in their brains – a wounded, aching sore spot. Unsettling. I think some people are in too much pain to think clearly.

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      • Osyth
        August 30, 2017

        That makes me incredibly sad and not a little angry. I know people are hurting but really it is time to channel that hurt with some common sense and that has to start with a reality check. All I see is a churning bile machine. If now is too soon for that acceptance then I fear 2020 will be too soon as well …. humility is the word that is buzzing my eardrum. There’s needs to be the humility to accept that they got it wrong. All these Clintonista’s read it wrong. And saying it does not make one a fan of le Trump (as my French friends call POTUS).


      • dkl
        August 30, 2017

        It was oddly hurtful, even from strangers. None of it was truly personal – I even resorted to my old line, “hey, get to know me first before disliking me” but my refusal to be provoked actually made them angrier (as it does). But it did get me thinking about this “hurts too much to think” notion and I will likely write about it. As Nora Ephron said, “everything is copy.”

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      • Osyth
        August 30, 2017

        Nora was so right. But I do understand the strangely hurtful bit. I had an incident on FaceBook in the run up to the European Vote in Britain. I posted what I thought was a balanced opinion from the point of view of a person living in Europe asking people to remember that their wish-list might not be the same as Europes if push came to shove. It opened such a barrage of hostility I was physically shaken. One man attacked me for seemingly all of the historic conflicts between France and England starting with Napoleon (natch) and when I tried (foolishly) to reply with a little levity about Football (England are notoriously poor losers and always blame the ref or the ball or the stadium) noting that Harold getting an arrow in the eye was therefore not good archery skills on the part of the French but that William was a cheat and the ref was blind, he got horribly personal. I realized how deep the hurt in large pockets of my homeland and the deep distress and dissatisfaction that lies there. I do try to understand all points of view. But when you are being beaten abusively round the head by a stranger on a keyboard, it is hard to maintain that perspective.


      • Maggie Wilson
        August 30, 2017

        “too much pain” – Agreed. From my seat here north of the border, the cold facts are plain to see. But those still wrapped up in the emotional fury and outrage don’t want cold hard facts.

        Sorry that you caught grief for your views.


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