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Politics is an Art


a manifestation of Scottish nationalist pride

get plaid

September 13, 2017 US Senator Ted Cruz blames his “twitter porn” problem on a “staffing issue.” Proving the man has no wit in him, at all

staffing issue

September 7, 2017 Ontario’s Liberal Government announces a “Cannabis Control Board” will be the monopoly retailer of marijuana products.


The storm that never clears



Charlottesville, August 2017.  Donald’s pets are not so loveable


A terrible shadow falls across the land.  Eclipse 2017


“Some very good people” on both sides of the Nazi, anti-Nazi argument says the President


Why is the left so reliably bigoted against the only countries they could possibly live in?


Mr. Trump has a magic for condensing ugliness into a few, misspelled sentences.

Post-election button, 2016


The Republicans’ terrible and stupid addiction. Tastes good, they say.

Quoting myself.


The Paris terror attacks in November 2015, and the absolute bullshit reasoning called “root causes”


Marriage equality. Finally.


The most important three words ever uttered on “Mad Men.”  It is the question every American has to answer, and many say “yes”


Generally applicable


She should just have said this, and moved on. But no, nothing was ever simple.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at her first-in-the-nation presidential primary campaign rally, Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2016, in Hooksett, N.H. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)


My warning about Trump, long ago


Is there a limit to government interference in your life?


just good advice


My favourite runner at the Run for the Cure


My colleagues were nervous about this


why is this an issue?


the eternal delusion of the American mainstream media, that Trump will “change”


My delusion, that Kasich deserved to win, and might.

the crazy fucked-up-edness of Confederacy culture in 21st century America

Lincoln allegedly said this


Back when scandalous remarks were not scandalous


Reality 2017


The white American whiner


From a dream to a snooze


The Parti Quebecois was racist. It probably is still racist.




UNESCO’s laughably tragic refusal to recognize Judaism in the Holy Land…


Canada’s problem children, 2014




The Dailykos account, before they banned me for saying something nice about Israel

in response to an idiot’s remarks about an actress


cover for my video tribute to Stuart McLean


The GOP obsession with killing Obamacare


The UK diminishes


The truth about Small Handed Donald


Nothing will ever make Paul Ryan become a man


Ugly but true






Israel and the Palestinians

Palestine: somehow this madness has to end. It won’t end with Israel quitting, however.


What can I say? At times, the guy bugs me.


art for the story “Our Last Lunch”


I found myself in her light


My daughter. She persisted.


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