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Follow the Blood Money


One of the things we forget about all these mass shootings in the USA, is how profitable they are.  The weapons and the ammunition aren’t free you know.  Mass killers need real money to buy the weapon (an AR-15 can cost up to $3,000 new) plus the bullets. Where do the profits go?

So starting with the 17 dead bodies at the Parkland school let’s “follow the blood money” and see where it leads us, shall we?


Each year about one million AR-15 rifles are sold in the United States.  The AR-15 is the weapon of choice for committing massacres.

Bushmaster is America’s leading manufacturer of the AR-15.  They have a very memorable logo:

Their sales pitch to Joe Average is pretty straightforward: you can sleep safely at night, knowing that the weapon at your fingertips can shred anyone into red pulpy cheese in a matter of seconds:


Bushmaster is one of the brands owned by Remington Outdoor Group.  They have a nice headquarters building near Madison, North Carolina:

(That handsome fellow in the corner is their CEO Anthony Antinelli.  That’s from one of his earlier jobs, at something called “Ammoland”)


Remington Outdoor Group is owned by Cerberus Capital, which has been trying to unload its stake in the gun industry ever since the Sandyhook child mass-murder committed with a Bushmaster AR-15.  Cerberus is a huge and very highly-esteemed investment house.  This is their leadership team:

The head of Cerberus is a billionaire named Steve Feinberg. Steve went to Princeton.  Steve does well.  In 2004 he paid over $19 million for this townhouse, formerly the Egyptian Mission to the UN, in Manhattan. It has a movie theatre, which is kind of cool:

Steve has a big spread in Connecticut, too. He may or may not be a handyman but he has hobbies. One of them is giving money to Republicans.

So based on that, we can confidently report that profits from the Sandyhook, Las Vegas and Parkland massacres went to this guy:

Donald Trump really appreciated that and has appointed Steve to chair the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board, just a few weeks ago.

And that is our walk in bloody footprints today. 


Other topics

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