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The Phony War

A letter to supporters of Palestine:  You are the reason for the Hamas attacks on the Israeli border. Until you change, nothing there can change.


May 15, 2018

In an assault planned for months, Hamas sent many thousands of people to attack the legal border of Israel. Israel had to repel them, but that was the point: to force IDF soldiers to shoot, in order to defend the border and their own lives.

The end result of this is “coverage” – news stories and online comment, howling about Israel’s violence against “protestors.” So this week we experience on our phones, the product the Palestinians cooked-up for months: anti-Israel sentiment in the west.

You and the press are key parts of the HamasAbbas propaganda food chain. Without you, in fact, they wouldn’t bother with mass attacks on the fence.

And who suffers? The Palestinian people, whose real needs and hopes are ignored by the criminal Hamas-Abbas “leadership” who run a perpetual war to justify their own lavish, corrupt lifestyles.

The Palestinian phony war is being fought on your phone; it is a battle for hearts and minds, a long term struggle to erode western loyalty to the only democratic society in the Middle East. The Palestinian people are just the fuel used by their leaders and outside enablers (Iran) to keep this phony war going. (If you doubt what the organizers are doing, read their instructions to people attacking the fence, translated below).

The tragedy of this week is that those “leaders” led people to their deaths, in a propaganda war. It will be even more tragic if YOU don’t see the truth and use your voice to help the prisoners of Hamas & Abbas.

A reader asks me “what can be done?” and the answer is that the extremists governing Gaza and the Palestinian Authority, must be vanquished. Their genocidal policy of “return” must be erased. A real peace with Israel must be achieved.  On the other side of the line, that means Israel’s cavalier and irresponsible consumption of land on the West Bank must cease, and the clock may have to be turned back on some of those Jewish settlements.

How many more decades of death and despair are you willing to condemn the Palestinian people to, until you say “enough – make a real peace with Israel!” But then again, maybe you don’t care any more for Palestinians than their own leaders do?




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