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What a President sounds like

On this uneasy Fourth of July, Americans should remember that they have known uncertainty and trial in the past. They have also known terrible leadership. There is little new about … Continue reading

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Proud to be Sorry

Canada has a strong but humble heart. Modesty is the core of its greatness. It is what will keep us alive to our responsibilities, not just our rights; it will … Continue reading

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We call it the Oldernet

    Articles discussing the democratic necessity of a strong, independent free press and what we can do to sustain it     A MODEST PROPOSAL TO SAVE DEMOCRACY    … Continue reading

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Saving the Free Press

    We must create a public and self-funded non-profit infrastructure for independent journalism. Now.   We know there is a financial crisis afflicting journalism. We know the traditional institutions … Continue reading

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The Free Press Crisis

  The rapid erosion of the print media has stranded free speech on a shrinking and barren island. While many journalists and news organs have taken to sea – bobbing … Continue reading

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Made for Each Other

  Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn are the best thing that ever happened to each other *** It is a curious thing when your worst enemy becomes your best friend. … Continue reading

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The Conservative Leadership Debacle

  The recent Conservative Party of Canada leadership process used a “ranked ballot”, permitting voters to rank the many candidates in order of preference.  As each “round” was completed, the … Continue reading

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