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Bill Cosby, Confederate General

  Some years ago, Yale University granted an honorary doctorate to a famous American. He was an unusually successful and important man: black, but a central figure in the country’s … Continue reading

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Cheer the Hell Up, Gloomsters

  Things seem so lousy. Except when you look at the facts. Of course, facts aren’t so popular nowadays. On March 26, 2018 academic and writer Stephen Pinker delivered a … Continue reading

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Andrea and the Fear Referendum

Ontario’s 2018 election may present the NDP with its best chance to win since Bob Rae’s surprise victory in 1990. Already we see a referendum happening – who do you … Continue reading

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Kanye and the Slaves

Kanye West did not mean that people chose to be slaves. Anyone willing to think before complaining, knows what he meant. * * * To borrow a phrase, “oceans of … Continue reading

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Male Terror in Woketown

Toronto If the alleged killer meant what he wrote beforehand, then the Yonge Street massacre was about women and was aimed at women. This is not about mental illness. Lots … Continue reading

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Hamas turns Gaza into Hell

if you blame Israel for defending its legal borders against attack from Gaza, then you are just another useful idiot helping Hamas enslave the Palestinian people.

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