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The Sacred Gun

  The American Republic has been in trouble for a long time. The seed of that trouble is a public decision to be stupid, a choice to ignore the truth … Continue reading

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Trump prepares for war

The target of Donald Trump’s first war won’t be North Korea. It will be the US Constitution. And Trump stands a good chance of winning. With the first indictments in … Continue reading

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the songza haiku

  in an early article about the pleasures of the now lost and lamented Songza, I included my first haiku this is it since then I have written in my … Continue reading

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such a jupiter

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The Cloth Prison

Thoughts on Quebec’s decision to ban face coverings, AKA, “the burqa ban.” The burqa is not part of Islam but rather, is a custom adopted in certain Muslim cultures, representing … Continue reading

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Look, it’s still there

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My Aunt and the Naked Ladies

Caution: there’s a picture of a naked lady in this article. It may burn your innocent eyes. ***  Like many lads my age, I owe my first look at a … Continue reading

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