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I remember what you told me

  It is hard to know if your life adds up to much, until someone tells you. *** Last week, without my noticing, a moment came and passed: the anniversary of … Continue reading

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The O’Reilly Factor

FOX News paid Bill O’Reilly millions in salary – and paid his alleged sexual harassment victims millions in settlement money – for many years.   The only reason to do … Continue reading

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Going to Love


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Assad, the very very bad boy

It is not easy to have a bad kid.  The kind of kid who does bad things. Very bad things. The kind of kid who tapes firecrackers to frogs. Drops … Continue reading

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Is there Life on Maui?

  Seven Days in the Seventies The passage to Hawaii – from anywhere – is a long trip. Ours was particularly long, aided as we were by a trainee grounds … Continue reading

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How many seven a.m.’s

Living in the space Between night and day, the bright Blue line in the sky Caught, the pincers of Morning hold fast, dragging me Into garish day They tell me … Continue reading

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in the white divide


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