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How many seven a.m.’s

Living in the space Between night and day, the bright Blue line in the sky Caught, the pincers of Morning hold fast, dragging me Into garish day They tell me … Continue reading

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The Vinyl Farewell

In tribute to Canada’s storyteller, I have written and read aloud a story: “Dave, Morley and the kids drive to Stuart’s funeral.” Stuart McLean was something of a secular saint … Continue reading

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Stacking up the boxes

Haiku is the Japanese poetic form, comprised of 17 syllables, traditionally split into three lines of 5, 7 and 5 syllables each. A properly crafted haiku typically draws its language … Continue reading

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Those are nice glasses

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Falling in La La Love

A spoonful of sugar, helps the medicine go down. So have a fistful. Stop reading if you plan to see La La Land, because this will ruin it. “I loved … Continue reading

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in the white divide


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Only as free as the press

Citizens are only as free as the press which serves them. Journalists are the watch dogs of liberty – or the lap dogs of autocrats. (An excerpt from “A Modest … Continue reading

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