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Stacking up the boxes

Haiku is the Japanese poetic form, comprised of 17 syllables, traditionally split into three lines of 5, 7 and 5 syllables each. A properly crafted haiku typically draws its language … Continue reading

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Those are nice glasses

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Falling in La La Love

A spoonful of sugar, helps the medicine go down. So have a fistful. Stop reading if you plan to see La La Land, because this will ruin it. “I loved … Continue reading

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Only as free as the press

Citizens are only as free as the press which serves them. Journalists are the watch dogs of liberty – or the lap dogs of autocrats. (An excerpt from “A Modest … Continue reading

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Valentine to Canada

Opening Remarks at the Gowling WLG – BioTalent Canada presentation on Accessibility for the Disabled February 14, 2017   – the Ottawa Office of Gowling WLG Good morning and welcome. … Continue reading

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beautiful all the way through

if such a thing were so, I think I would want to know, wouldn’t you?   a favourite from Augustana  

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Twenty Eight Republicans

  Donald Trump must be defeated as often as possible during the first two years of his term.  He must be removed from office, if possible, during those first two … Continue reading

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