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Most Recent Posts Find Your Heart, Crisis Management, Rough Men on the Red Line   Recent Observations March 4, 2019 There’s wrapping yourself in the flag, and then there’s wrapping … Continue reading

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find your heart

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Crisis Management: it’s all in your head

Crisis management is a constant feature of the LAWatWORK practice. Accidents, accusations, investigations, terminations, financial disasters, calamities – these are the things that make people call or write. Especially the … Continue reading

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Rough Men on the Red Line

Every history book needs a first page. What you write on it – where you begin the story – often reflects what you believe, as opposed to what you know.  … Continue reading

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Valentine to Canada


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The Valentine Policy

  Although many people first meet their future spouse at work, employers are rightly concerned about the complexities of romance in the workplace. Employment case law is riddled with examples … Continue reading

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Someone left the Cake out in the Snow

On this snowy, breezy day after a blizzard, my whole city is shut down. Being contrary, I went to the office. The drive was easy, and the lonely restaurant in … Continue reading

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