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The Fall

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The Case for Hillary

  Hillary Clinton is one of the most successful human beings to walk the face of the Earth. She is braver, smarter and stronger than most people. She does all … Continue reading

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The Porn of Politics

Most political discussion, especially online, has become a kind of circle jerk. For once, this advice is true: if you don’t stop it, you’ll go blind. If you aren’t already, … Continue reading

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The Party of Sexual Assault

In the heated immediate aftermath of the Trump Tapes revelation, a few Republican grandees have called out for Trump to quit the nomination. A few more have withdrawn their endorsements … Continue reading

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Goldwater Girl Redux: Hillary’s primary strategy is her general strategy

Almost eight months ago, I published “Goldwater Girl: How Hillary takes the White House.” ┬áIt addressed the strategy HRC would need to beat Bernie Sanders, get nominated and then tackle … Continue reading

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Good Dogs

  How a large ball of fur and teeth helped me understand the people voting for Donald Trump. *** Yes, the puppy is cute. Piper is a large ball of … Continue reading

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The Self Pity Vampire

Donald Trump and “Trumpism” is the American expression of the same reactionary, nativist, fundamentalist sentiment that has swept up many Arab and some other societies. Trumpism is the American cousin of ISIL, … Continue reading

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I will be the light


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the day is just waiting to sleep

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