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What Occupation?

Events in Jerusalem the last two weeks have spiked public interest in the Arab-Jewish conflict in the Holy Land.  The usual sides are drawn and taken, the usual rhetoric is … Continue reading

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Belief so often conquers wisdom

The torment of the Gards If you have not known fear before, you find out what it tastes like when you bring a baby home. You live the rest of … Continue reading

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It died mysteriously

  The best, perhaps only, defence for democracy is a free press. Trump’s mentor Vladimir Putin knows that too well.  Which is probably why so many Russian journalists “die mysteriously.” … Continue reading

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I love it! The law according to Donald

Thinking about becoming a lawyer but not sure you can remember all the stuff or actually obey the law? Enroll in Trump University Law School – where all the answers … Continue reading

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How Canada won the Khadr Case

  Omar Khadr will take ten million of our dollars, but not what really matters.  Many years ago the government of Canada, first under a Liberal administration and then a … Continue reading

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What Trudeau should say about Khadr

    Canada’s Liberal Government and its camera-friendly leader Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are conspicuously quiet (almost hidden) these days, as the nation wrestles with the settlement of the Omar … Continue reading

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Proud Boys and Prize Idiots

  the very dangerous thing called “pride” So apparently there are some stupid louts out there calling themselves “the Proud Boys.” Because they are proud of their race.  This is … Continue reading

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