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there will be plenty of time for politics tomorrow for now, music, movies, art, food, poetry and coffee…. click on the headers and go!   ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT     … Continue reading

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If during the last 2 weeks there had been 18 bomb threats to Muslim daycares, community centres & mosques in the United States, do you think it would be a … Continue reading

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140 characters and no character at all

    Ever wonder what The Donald has to say about other historical figures? Here are some samples. *** Following Donald Trump’s tweet about John Lewis, a US Congressman who … Continue reading

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Press and President in the Era of Trump

  Slack, deferential press practices have compromised American democracy. That should have been obvious before, but it’s painfully clear now. The rules must change – before it is too late. … Continue reading

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The Bully’s Pulpit

    This week’s biggest news story, unfortunately, involves an actor who criticized the soon to be inaugurated Donald J. Trump. It can be summed up as follows: Trump mocked a … Continue reading

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Trumponomics and the American Workplace

What will the Trump Administration and the Republican Congress mean for American employers and workers?  Probably not as much as they hope, nor as much as they fear.  On January … Continue reading

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Thank you, 2016

It was a short phone call. The New Year was a few days old, the Holidays receding into a blur. The future sat out there on the horizon. She was … Continue reading

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