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Licensed to Kill

  Assisted Suicide in the Analgesic Society Life likes itself. Almost any person or beast alive will avoid death – it’s one of the instincts every living creature contains. It … Continue reading

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Polly climbs out of the pool

  Sundays at the office. Why do I come here? Ostensibly, to get some work done. I love the walk, a 5K hike which doesn’t fit the weekday schedule. And I … Continue reading

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Those who would pretend to be God

This message is directed towards people who believe there is a God. The message is this: if you decide that you know what God wants, then you are placing yourself … Continue reading

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The Plague of Violence against Women

The Ghomeshi case is a most notorious instance of male violence against women, because of the people involved: celebrities. Some say that Canadians are obsessed with it because of a … Continue reading

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Playing Tennis in Gaza

The Gaza strip is one tenth the size of Long Island, New York.  It is a tiny strip of sandy, rolling country bounded on the west by the Mediterranean, to … Continue reading

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While the Republican Kremlin crumbles, the Democrats quarrel 

My brief and grouchy entry “Hillary Entitlement Syndrome” – describing the somewhat arrogant air of the Clinton campaign as it attempts to squash the Sanders movement – has triggered the … Continue reading

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Soft Targets

Gulshan Park, Lahore Pakistan. Site of the March 27, 2016 attack * In the Taliban, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, ISIS war on civilization, their principal focus is ‘soft’ targets like … Continue reading

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Resurrection Whiskey Groundhog 

The thing you know inside is true For those who take literally the Christian New Testament, this day – Easter – is the anniversary of the day when Jesus of … Continue reading

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