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the world is a scar

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what I was sent to say

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I don’t know how I know

I don’t know how I know You bend like a birch Shine silver in the moonlight Straighten tall to see The sun, let it soak Your skin in drops of … Continue reading

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Is that all there is?

“He waited his whole life to sing it, but his whole life failed to appear”   ***** I have now spent As much time in coffee shops As my father … Continue reading

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What Ailes America

This morning of May 18, 2017 is a dawn of nascent hope and maximum dread for the United States. The USA is a civilization unto itself. It still bestrides the … Continue reading

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Trump of a hundred days. And counting

      a look back on when Trumpzilla first hatched and began stomping his way across America towards Washington D.C.                   … Continue reading

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Dear Lefties, seriously?

  Your heart may be in the right place, but if your head is up your ass, what good are you? * If you aren’t an idiot, it has been a … Continue reading

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