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Christmas in Hallmark Falls

We are in the Heart of Darkness now – the days grow shorter and the number of Holiday romance movies expands to fill what was once daylight. This morning on … Continue reading

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A little goes a long way

  Thank you for visiting Think Anew Act Anew.   People from around the world have touched down here on one day or another. Glad that you decided to stop in … Continue reading

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Stacking up the boxes

Haiku is the Japanese poetic form, comprised of 17 syllables, traditionally split into three lines of 5, 7 and 5 syllables each. A properly crafted haiku typically draws its language … Continue reading

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Brexit in Our Time

    Prime Minister May’s hopeless efforts to appease UK “Brexiteers” runs against common sense and the lessons of history. She has two choices: stand up to the Brexiteers or … Continue reading

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Rudolph Deconstructed

From 2015, “How to Use the Different” The Holidays are upon us. Lobby muzak and satellite radio are infused with Christmas tunes. The coloured lights are strung up on the … Continue reading

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Just Say No to Sugar Plums

What is Christmas?    It is a religious occasion, for observant Christians. It is also a public holiday, stamped onto the civic calendar when western Christian majorities were more observant … Continue reading

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A Fix for Fake News

  After weeks of phony charges from the other party, the candidate lost his patience. It was time, he told the crowd of 16,000, to “answer falsifications with facts.” The … Continue reading

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They don’t trust you with the truth

  If you have ever told a lie (and you have, everyone has) there is no mystery why you did it: you did not want someone else to know the … Continue reading

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