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A Fool for Beauty

Ten Past Chapters from ThinkAnewActAnew Articles about film, music, drugs, school, love and terror.  Did I leave anything out?  Food, but we will get to that. Dare we continue in complacent … Continue reading

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The Witness and the Wheel

Riding my bike from Toronto to Chattanooga We lived near the lakeshore, in the Toronto neighbourhood called “the Beaches” (locals would often drop the “es” and call it “The Beach”, … Continue reading

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We are all non-believers

The Curious Mental Glaucoma of Religious Adherents  A lot of people don’t believe in God.  They see a world full of random splendor, made beautiful and ugly by people but … Continue reading

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Being Untrue to Liberty

People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf – Eric Blair Eric Blair (aka George Orwell) died too … Continue reading

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Charleston and the Fine Art of Doing Nothing

Bang-Bang, You’re Stupid Watching coverage of the Charleston, South Carolina church massacre, I have more than once been filled with rage. My fury has not been particularly focused on the alleged … Continue reading

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First the Arab Spring, now the Canadian One

Electoral Reform in Canada: if it happens, it will be another “Quiet Revolution” The most dramatic political change in Canadian history, arguably, happened when the regressive, Catholic Church-aligned Union Nationale … Continue reading

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The Last Day of the Year

Our memories of school, as with all things past, become somehow both pale and rich as time goes by. The details grow thin, like old lace worn away but, in … Continue reading

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when nothing enchants

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