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Counting a Fistful of Coins

  Most of the time in this life, we make decisions based on a mildly incoherent mix of information, wishful thinking, bias or feelings. We fool ourselves that the “big … Continue reading

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Stop Wasting Your Prayers on the Dead

At this hour (20:30 GMT, November 20th) there are news reports that the Belgian Army has been deployed in Brussels. Who knows why? Perhaps to gobble up another cluster of … Continue reading

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Ask a refugee what to do about ISIS

As the smoke clears and the blood is washed from the streets of Beirut and Paris, we see political arguments shifting like iron filings towards the magnetic poles of right and … Continue reading

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Taking a walk with ISIS

  For some time now, this page has been talking about the weird fight club known as the Islamic State. They are the evil spawn of Bin Laden and the … Continue reading

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The Rape of Paris

  I am not a woman. I am a man, a tall one. As a result, I have rarely feared walking down a dark street or felt vulnerable to assault. … Continue reading

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When silence speaks

Remembrance Day, 2015  – 10:30 a.m. In the car this morning, when we realized my daughter was poppy-less on her way into school, I quickly yanked mine from my coat … Continue reading

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Nice Throw

  Two years ago someone sent me a link to Eva Cassidy’s recording of “Fields of Gold.” I wrote about it then and re-published an excerpt last week, on the … Continue reading

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