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Valentine to Canada

Opening Remarks at the Gowling WLG – BioTalent Canada presentation on Accessibility for the Disabled February 14, 2017   – the Ottawa Office of Gowling WLG Good morning and welcome. … Continue reading

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beautiful all the way through

if such a thing were so, I think I would want to know, wouldn’t you?   a favourite from Augustana  

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My Valentine

Love takes many shapes, comes in every size and complexion and kind It is born, it lives, it dies, it rises again. Love torments us, rewards us, remakes us, unmakes … Continue reading

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What Love Sounds Like

what happens when you listen to a friend? In school, if you’re lucky, you have a friend like this: (1) they’re wiser than you and (2) they tell you when … Continue reading

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Twenty Eight Republicans

  Donald Trump must be defeated as often as possible during the first two years of his term.  He must be removed from office, if possible, during those first two … Continue reading

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Not the Super Bowl

If the mortal combat between the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons later today fails to magnetize you, here are other pursuits and topics for Super Bowl Sunday:   Elizabeth Ziman … Continue reading

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The Getaway Car

    A half hour drive from child to refugee They were an unhappy couple, raising an unhappy couple of boys; the sons more than a decade apart in age, … Continue reading

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New Rules for Americans visiting Canada

    We have border guards too, you know. The world’s longest unguarded border runs from British Columbia to New Brunswick. It crosses through woods, lakes, highways, hills. Canadians and … Continue reading

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Trudeau’s Middle Finger

  Canada’s Prime Minister catches a verbal grenade, and fumbles it.  Having recently been “caught” on vacation with people even richer than he is, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau quickly … Continue reading

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