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What Love Sounds Like

what happens when you listen to a friend? In school, if you’re lucky, you have a friend like this: (1) they’re wiser than you and (2) they tell you when … Continue reading

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Why New Hampshire Matters

Why does a tiny state made of granite, get to choose so many Presidents? The world may ponder in puzzlement why tonight’s New Hampshire Primary is so important in American … Continue reading

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Scenes from the New Hampshire Primary

the greatest exercise in democracy known to man.  seriously  

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My Weekend Without Bernie

The mass media and the political experts are at a loss to explain why the wild and wooly senior citizen Senator from Vermont is so damned popular. What’s the secret … Continue reading

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I love your hands: the Trial of Jian Ghomeshi

In the hours, days and months that follow the trial of Jian Ghomeshi, it’s unlikely that any four words will resonate so memorably as these: “I love your hands.” Coming … Continue reading

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The Terrorist in the Living Room

Domestic violence is the terror our politicians should be talking about  When you have a problem, that goes on and on, that happens over and over, you can do two … Continue reading

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Turn your righteous anger into action

November 3, 2014 When I sat down at the coffee shop Saturday morning at 10 a.m. the question hung in my head “what do I have to say about the … Continue reading

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Jian Ghomeshi and the Squadron of Cowards

what courage looks like Let’s be clear: the victims are not cowards, and this piece doesn’t say they are. They were the brave ones. People like to be simplistic and … Continue reading

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Playing Tennis in Gaza

The Gaza strip is one tenth the size of Long Island, New York.  It is a tiny strip of sandy, rolling country bounded on the west by the Mediterranean, to … Continue reading

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It’s really me folks

just wanted to say hi to my readers at DailyKos

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Yes We Can’t: Clinton’s not-so-winning message

Hillary Clinton may have “won” the Democratic Iowa Caucuses, but Bernie Sanders was the winner.  In January 2000, in the days before the New Hampshire primary, I decided to go … Continue reading

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