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The One Way War: a Grim Fairy Tale

For several years, the small southeast Asian country of Silicam has aggressively assaulted its neighbours. Its army has occupied several major cities beyond its borders, and much countryside. Where Silicam … Continue reading

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A couple of Scotches in


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Finding your child at the bottom of the sea

What I found in Finding Dory Warning: this article contains major spoilers about “Finding Dory.”  If you haven’t seen the film but plan to, stop reading. If you don’t plan … Continue reading

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The Plague of Violence against Women

The Ghomeshi case is a most notorious instance of male violence against women, because of the people involved: celebrities. Some say that Canadians are obsessed with it because of a … Continue reading

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Playing Tennis in Gaza

The Gaza strip is one tenth the size of Long Island, New York.  It is a tiny strip of sandy, rolling country bounded on the west by the Mediterranean, to … Continue reading

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Twenty Minutes of Action

                      Words fail to properly capture the disgust we must feel, in reaction to the sentence afforded the Stanford Rapist, … Continue reading

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The Old Country Doctor & the Snake Oil Salesman

Why did Sanders come so close, and Trump actually win? Sanders is the old country doctor, Trump the slick purveyor of fake nutritional supplements and healing stones. What they have in … Continue reading

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The Luckiest: Sunday in the City

The truth is, if every soul on earth could be in a place like this today, what a wonderful world it would be. * * * Walking the Main Street … Continue reading

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Wile E. Conservative and the Trudeau Roadrunner

Those conservative coyotes are really crazy clowns.  When will they learn that they never can mow him down? *** On this summery weekend at the end of May, Canada’s two … Continue reading

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