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Thank you, Don Cherry

  Sure, the bigoted old bugger deserved to be fired. But right to the end, he provided a valuable service to his country. *** It took Sportsnet, whoever they are, … Continue reading

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Canada’s Unlikely October Revolution

October 21, 2019 will see Canadians elect 338 Members of Parliament. On October 22, 2019 an unlikely democratic revolution could happen. But only if the politicians who always lose, decide … Continue reading

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The Front Page

The Home Page is right here. Recent Observations October 26, 2019 Canada had an election last week and everyone lost.   September 1, 2019 Can Britons unite to stop the … Continue reading

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The Volker Texts

  So now there is concrete, written proof of a conspiracy among Trump and his people to coerce Ukraine to interfere in the 2020 election, by withholding vital military assistance. … Continue reading

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The Speech He Didn’t Give

Justin Trudeau sought forgiveness from Canadians for the “blackface” episode, but did not explain why he deserves it. He has a rare chance to reflect personally and politically on something … Continue reading

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America tranquilized by Trump

  What Trumpism has wrought, and may yet do to the world, goes far beyond what we have seen. The critical lesson for the western democracies – and for all … Continue reading

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Impeach the Racist-in-Chief

The reasons to impeach Donald Trump are written in blood, across the Wal-Mart parking lot in El Paso, the streets of Charleston and Dayton (not Toledo), the floors of the … Continue reading

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