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What does the country need?

Questions nobody seems to be asking, or answering.  Part 1 Canada’s diverse, free citizenry is bound together by civic norms, an ethos of egalitarianism and strong public and private institutions. It offers … Continue reading

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Abe Lincoln’s Inbox

On the Discipline of Doing Nothing In much of my country, the first week of August is quieter even than Christmas: with the first Monday being a stat holiday, people … Continue reading

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The Owl, the Grizzly and the Fawn

A Look at the Canadian Election The “dropping of the writ” at Rideau Hall yesterday was an anti-climactic start to the Canadian election. Looming for weeks and expected for days, … Continue reading

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Assassins of Time

   The destruction by Islamic State of artifacts or, as had been reported today,the temple at Palmyra, is a crime against humanity.  No, destroying objects is not equalivalent to the … Continue reading

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Your Private Parts

You have as much right to read the Ashley Madison membership list as I have to watch you take a shower. None. Several years ago a U.S. Congressman emailed photos … Continue reading

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Layla and Other Songs of True Heartbreak

There are a million songs (I actually counted) about having one’s heart broken. In the great ones, we have to presume the tune springs from a real life event – … Continue reading

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The Difficult Stairs

Almost seventy years ago, long forgotten labourers cut, carried and lifted two dozen stone slabs onto our hill. It wasn’t our hill back then, of course. The workers built a … Continue reading

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A Modest Proposal to Save Democracy

A free press and professional journalism are as important to democratic life as free elections or an independent judiciary. It is past time that we recognize the free press as a … Continue reading

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