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The RomCom around the Corner, Part 2: You’ve Got Meg

Following the long hiatus of the RomCom (quiet from the early 1960s) the late 1980s saw a re-birth of the art form, a return to glory which crested at the … Continue reading

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The RomCom around the Corner, Part 1

if you fall into it, the only escape is to climb out of it As we transit through Venus (aka get Valentine’s Day behind us), the TV ground is thick … Continue reading

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I could never tell

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When a girl has a lot of sex…

 The wit and wisdom of my Mother She smoked, she gambled, she ate poorly, she complained incessantly and every now and then, she had too much to drink.  She was … Continue reading

May 10, 2015 · 3 Comments

The Shame of Les Glorieux

The only thing I have to take away from the Montreal Canadiens is my respect.   That used to matter to the Habs.  Does it today?

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The sister I found in the snow

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We are all non-believers

The Curious Mental Glaucoma of Religious Adherents  A lot of people don’t believe in God.  They see a world full of random splendor, made beautiful and ugly by people but … Continue reading

April 11, 2015 · 3 Comments

The Best Possible Arnold Burns

  If you write for a living, or simply write to live, you will on occasion enter what mariners call “a dead calm” – a spell without breeze, when the … Continue reading

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On the Street Where You Live

If you had the chance to spend a half hour with Henry Higgins (of My Fair Lady) or with King Arthur in Camelot, which Englishman would you choose? Higgins is … Continue reading

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