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The Tragically Hip Politician

There is a fine line between showing empathy and exploiting tragedy. Our politicians dance over it with increasing clumsiness. * We live in a less dignified age. Of that, there … Continue reading

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The Trumpxit

The Trumpxit Donald Trump can win. He’s the Brexit in pants   The incessant drumbeat throughout August has been that Donald Trump cannot win in November. This should sound familiar … Continue reading

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You have sacrificed nothing

A Letter to the Never Hillary People The progressives, liberals, Democrats, conservatives and Republicans offering reasons not to vote for Hillary Clinton, are putting their preferences and personal interest ahead … Continue reading

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I can see dead people

Everyone else knows something that the Republicans don’t.  Yet.  The 2016 U.S. Presidential election poses a constant, aching question which may never hear an honest answer: why would any informed … Continue reading

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The Plague of Violence against Women

The Ghomeshi case is a most notorious instance of male violence against women, because of the people involved: celebrities. Some say that Canadians are obsessed with it because of a … Continue reading

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Playing Tennis in Gaza

The Gaza strip is one tenth the size of Long Island, New York.  It is a tiny strip of sandy, rolling country bounded on the west by the Mediterranean, to … Continue reading

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Can Hillary win there? Kansas may be the most reliably Republican state in U.S. Presidential politics. Yet in early August 2016, the Democratic Party Presidential candidate is closing in on … Continue reading

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It’s a beautiful world, though

On November 11, 1918 the news was pretty good.  But today – July 26, 2016 – the news from “the front” (which is everywhere now) is pretty awful. But as Michelle Obama said last … Continue reading

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The One Way War: a Grim Fairy Tale

For several years, the small southeast Asian country of Silicam has aggressively assaulted its neighbours. Its army has occupied several major cities beyond its borders, and much countryside. Where Silicam … Continue reading

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