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The George Floyd Election

I know what you’re thinking. How can it be this close? How can it even be a contest? With all that has happened, with all that’s at risk. How? For … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving, here and there

Canada, stretched out along the American border like a cat on a carpet, has long been aware of its vulnerability to events and trends south of the 45th parallel. Our … Continue reading

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Trump hunts for a Red October

  It’s October 1, 2020.  Trump has one month left to save himself. We enter the most consequential month in political democracy since the Allied invasion of Europe in 1944. That’s … Continue reading

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Maricopa County

This is a small story from America in July 2020. You may not see it many places. It’s a story about Maricopa County, Arizona. Author’s Note, July 30, 2020.  This … Continue reading

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Lincoln on the Coronavirus

  President Lincoln had some advice for us, 158 years ago.  

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Don’t Ignore the Emergency

  A friendly letter to the Democratic Presidential candidates, asking: who among you will sacrifice your own chance, to support someone else who can save American democratic institutions?    In … Continue reading

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The Front Page

The Home Page is right here. Recent Observations May 7, 2020 October 26, 2019 Canada had an election last week and everyone lost.   September 1, 2019 Can Britons unite … Continue reading

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We aren’t giving it back

Canadians can sincerely regret the awful means by which our country was taken from its Indigenous people, but it would be hypocritical to say we don’t enjoy the benefits. The … Continue reading

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Bibi uncorks the Bottle

The Israel-United Arab Emirates recognition agreement may be a stunt, or it may be a real opening to Palestinian statehood. Observations on the Israel-United Arab Emirates normalization agreement: For decades, … Continue reading

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So long, Christie Blatchford

  Legendary journalist Christie Blatchford has passed away.  She more than earned her rest in peace. She was a brave, energetic, smart and big-hearted believer in justice and kindness. And … Continue reading

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If You Can Keep It

  With a Mad King and his minions threatening liberty, America must see and defeat the danger – as it has before.    In the immediate aftermath of impeachment, President … Continue reading

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