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Impeach the Racist-in-Chief

The reasons to impeach Donald Trump are written in blood, across the Wal-Mart parking lot in El Paso, the streets of Charleston and Dayton (not Toledo), the floors of the … Continue reading

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The Front Page

The Home Page is right here. Recent Observations August 5, 2019 If Republicans look closely at this photo they will see that America has mass shootings because it suffers from … Continue reading

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The Country of London

  On June 23, 2016, the United Kingdom held a vote on whether to leave, or remain in, the European Union.  Of those eligible to vote, 37% chose to leave, … Continue reading

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across the great green sea

June 20, 2019

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On or about June 10th

It is a little known fact that June 10th was known as “Time Memorial Day” – a holiday initiated in Japan, in 1920, to encourage people to be punctual (thereby … Continue reading

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alive in you

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Meet John Gish

Heroes arrive in many forms, and sometimes they disappear in history. I present you with Mr. John Gish, a Paramus, New Jersey school teacher who 47 years ago (early 1972) … Continue reading

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A Very Loud Statement of Principles – Why StopSOP Won

The Toronto Star has reported (and many online comments repeat) that Ontario’s lawyers have elected an anti-diversity group to govern the profession at the Law Society of Ontario. This is … Continue reading

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