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True Love will find you in the End

Daniel Johnston of Austin, Texas is an unusual singer, both in how he sounds and how he presents himself.  He looks like a poor soul who’s lost his bus pass … Continue reading

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Stacking up the boxes

Haiku is the Japanese poetic form, comprised of 17 syllables, traditionally split into three lines of 5, 7 and 5 syllables each. A properly crafted haiku typically draws its language … Continue reading

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Not Islamaphobic, just realistic

It has been suggested to me that any reference to the religion of the Toronto shooter, Faisal Hussain – or any question about whether his crimes were inspired by Islamist … Continue reading

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The Official Story

To protect a minority from undeserved blame, and perhaps to protect the police, authorities and the press have rapidly packaged the #TorontoShooting into a simple narrative: the guy was crazy … Continue reading

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The Un-American President

Toddler, Traitor, Grifter, Slob.  With apologies to LeCarre * * * In his recent pants-pooping performance at the Canadian G7 Summit and afterwards, U.S. President Donald Trump exhibited why we … Continue reading

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Looks like They Mulcaired It

Rarely have we come up to an Ontario Election Day with more people saying “I don’t know how I’m going to vote.” That uncertainty is Andrea Horwath’s only hope today. … Continue reading

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Wynne wants you to elect Ford

VOTE FOR ME AND I PROMISE TO LOSE In December 1979, Pierre Trudeau had resigned as Liberal leader and was set to retire.  Then, an unexpected election was called. After … Continue reading

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In days of you’re

  Most days, the worst thing about social media is the hostility:  people behave very, very badly behind the anonymous curtain of their online personae. They can be rude, snide, … Continue reading

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