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The Joint Tweets

  JUST WHAT, EXACTLY, ARE THE JOINT CHIEFS OF STAFF DOING? In the last few days, some unprecedented things have occurred in the United States.  Among them, overtly political statements … Continue reading

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The Violent Lie

If anyone went to Charlottesville looking to start a fight with the Nazis, fascists and other scum assembled last weekend, they were wrong to do so. If anyone provoked a … Continue reading

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White ISIS

Scenes of the Alt Right in action, Charlottesville South Carolina, August 12, 2017 Let’s call them what they are:  White ISIS Some very fine people, the President says…  

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She Died for Her Country

The Confederate States of America – the racist slave state of the South – may have lost the Civil War, but lives on in the hearts and minds of millions … Continue reading

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Theme Song

Let’s whistle a happy tune, shall we? I don’t wanna wait, for my life to be over. * * * In a week when the President of the United States … Continue reading

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ReTrumplicans don’t need Elections

There has never been serious doubt about the inherently anti-democratic, fascistic element feeding Trumpism. It is the product of cultural developments that have both changed the Republican Party, and been assiduously … Continue reading

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What Occupation?

Events in Jerusalem the last two weeks have spiked public interest in the Arab-Jewish conflict in the Holy Land.  The usual sides are drawn and taken, the usual rhetoric is … Continue reading

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