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The Conservatives need to lose. For their own sake

  Reform conservatism has become a mix of sullen centrism and gratuitous meanness The reform movement wanted an elected Senate, accountable MPs, open government. It wanted less government, more fiscally … Continue reading

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why the niqab should decide your vote

for undecided voters, the niqab debate offers a good way to narrow down who to vote for In the past weeks, the niqab – that curious face covering favoured by … Continue reading

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The Next Harper Minority

Harper is nudging majority territory. But even if he comes back with a minority, it will be difficult for Mulcair or Trudeau to keep their promise to kick him out … Continue reading

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The Terrorist in the Living Room

Domestic violence is the terror our politicians should be talking about  When you have a problem, that goes on and on, that happens over and over, you can do two … Continue reading

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Three Questions to decide this Election

  This election is defined by three facts and will be decided by how undecided voters answer three questions. The three facts defining the race are these: The Conservatives are Harper. A … Continue reading

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Tom Mulcair: the Man in the Middle

When they write about the 2015 Canadian federal election, it will be the story of whether Tom Mulcair seized the golden opportunity, or fumbled it. Rarely in memory have the … Continue reading

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Just Watch Him: How Trudeau Wins

Justin Trudeau is the George W. Bush of Canadian politics: the amiable heir to a famous dynastic name, elevated to leadership by ambitious party operators. He is “Our Dubya.” But in … Continue reading

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Don’t bet against Harper. Yet.

The Tories are either at the brink of an Iggy-like collapse, or are laying in the hammock at the mid-point of the campaign. More likely the latter. Their core support is … Continue reading

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What does the country need?

Questions nobody seems to be asking, or answering.  Part 1 Canada’s diverse, free citizenry is bound together by civic norms, an ethos of egalitarianism and strong public and private institutions. It offers … Continue reading

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The Owl, the Grizzly and the Fawn

A Look at the Canadian Election The “dropping of the writ” at Rideau Hall yesterday was an anti-climactic start to the Canadian election. Looming for weeks and expected for days, … Continue reading

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Dzień dobry to my readers in Poland

The statistics report says that my blog is being read, quite a lot, in Poland. If those readers see this, please write and say hello. Actually ANY reader can write … Continue reading

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Amateur Cartoons for Amateur & Cartoonish Politics


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Her Splendid Mess

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