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If during the last 2 weeks there had been 18 bomb threats to Muslim daycares, community centres & mosques in the United States, do you think it would be a big story? You bet it would, because it fits the dominant narrative of a besieged & endangered minority facing religious persecution. A perfect story for the Era of Trump.

Muslims DO feel threatened in Trump’s America. Understandably. But in this case, it is Jews and Jewish institutions which have faced at least 18 bomb threats since New Year’s Day. Which does NOT fit the trendy narrative, and so does not get into the mainstream US news.

You know who is covering this story? The Times of Israel. Haaretz. The German paper Algemeiner. By contrast, Reuters put out a release 8 days ago saying “Bomb threats reported at Jewish centres” – the emphasis on “reported” as in “maybe they happened, maybe they didn’t.”

Are all the reporters & editors bigots? Of course not. They’re just human: they fall into habits, pursue what is trendy, ignore what does not fit their preconceived notions. How else could there be EIGHTEEN TERRORIST BOMB THREATS IN TWO WEEKS in the United States, and you don’t know about them?

Wherever we go, for the rest of our lives, whether we’re Jewish or not, we have to tell the story of what humanity did to the Jews. Because humanity keeps trying to do it again.

I talk about that story here:  What We Did to the Jews

It is told far better in many other places, including:

        Yad Vashem, the world holocaust memorial

        The United States Holocaust Museum

        The Canadian Society for Yad Vashem

        The Berlin Memorial


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This entry was posted on January 18, 2017 by in Judaism & Jewry, The War for Civilization.
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